Want Stronger Engagement? Try this hack that you have with you right now! [Video]

Want Stronger Engagement?

Wanna Increase Engagement?
Ponder this: What would you rather see? Someone in the same old boring spot everyday,
or a sneak peak into their lives?

People want to go on your adventures with you — don’t let them down!

The world is beautiful.

Your environment is a part of who you are – and we want to get to know YOU! Whether it’s your home base, like mine here in NYC, or you’re on vaca – you’ve gotta show off the amazing things you find around you.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it makes for more interesting photos and videos.

AND it increases engagement and strengthens the bond of who you really are.

Case in Point: How gorge is my video in this video?

Okay, not that sitting in your adorable office is a bad thing, but doing it for every video? THAT IS!

People get bored and tune out. That’s why it’s critical to take them for the ride to cement your bond.

Mix it up. When you see something amazing – whether you stumbled on it or planned to be there – show your people! Hop on a live, it takes just a few minutes to turn on that phone and just talk about where you are.

And, of course, talk about your business! People are watching to see YOU and your life, and they care about going on adventures with you.

Take advantage of your scenery and make your videos an experience, not just a pitch or a lesson. Use what’s around you and new things you find to enhance your content.

One of the most important things about online relationships is being able to virtually connect with your tribe. This is the best way to do that – taking them with you on your journey.

Since you can’t physically fly every single client out on an adventure with you, you’ve got to utilize the amazing technology at your disposal. We live in an online world and yes, that can be a hard thing to manage, but it’s also incredibly amazing!

Don’t overthink it. Use your camera.  Just GET. THAT. FOOTAGE! Even if you’re not feeling camera ready, at least film the scenery and talk over it, or just grab some BRoll to use somewhere else. Don’t let these moments go to waste!

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