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  • Forget the White Whine…


    White Teeth Made Simple

    Bogged down by makeover resolutions that are too cumbersome to even think about? Put a big don’t on adding extra steps to your beauty to-do list and simplify the path to gorgeous.

    White teeth are white hot. There’s no denying that. Stained, yellow snappers are a colossal turn-off, besides a sure fire way to add years to your appearance.

    Think about White Out!

    You know that pre-computer miracle in a bottle that covered your tush by correcting typing errors. Now, instead of masking, imagine solving. That’s as easy as Colgate Simply White whitening gel is.

    Got 30 seconds, get whiter teeth.

    Twice a day for two weeks: brush on the clear, count to 30, rinse. Basta, you’re outta there. Gone are the days of hanging around the house with your mouth jammed into some fussy dental brightening tray while you travel the pearly white way.

    A certain rocker wife tells me that hubby used Simply White before going on tour to make his tobacco stained, hard-lived choppers look close-up ready. Guess what? His teeth are now so much whiter that they are almost incongruous to his image!

    Can’t promise that you’ll get the beat, but you’ll have more time to find it. Smile for the camera.

    –January 6, 2003

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