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  • Sweet Light…

    Go for the Delicious Burn

    Get your face out of that scrunch! Yes, it’s the return of green eyeshadow and you will love it.

    Are you under the impression that some evil fairy tossed all your drool-provoking must-haves in the dryer on high only to have you wind up looking like ten pounds of fashion flubber in a thimble?

    Or, are you willing to admit, that, perhaps, a few pounds just snuck themselves to your otherwise svelte self this holiday season?

    What to do when the desire for something sweet beckons a potential belt tightening that you just can’t bear?

    Burn it, baby!

    Yup, that’s right. Discover 40 hours of guiltless pleasure with the scent of culinary decadence thanks to Laura Mercier candles. The delectable line of olfactory indulgences includes: Sugar Cookies, Tarte au Citron, and Orange Brulée.

    Next time that sweet tooth craves- just inhale. Yum.

    –January 1, 2003

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