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  • Sneaker Style… What color socks to wear with running shoes and what sneakers to wear with shorts

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    Q:Sneaker Style… What color socks to wear with running shoes and what sneakers to wear with shorts

    What color socks should one wear if wearing blue jeans and white running shoes with black and gray trim? (Appleton, WI)

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    Okay, you really hit a fashion nerve. I want to affirm that the sneakers that you refer to are NOT those bulky, boxy, white leather, no-brainer, styleless clod of a thing that scores of style-impoverished Americans see as standard-issue non-office foot attire! I really hope so.

    Besides, the whole idea of coordinating socks with white sneakers and jeans absolutely stymies me. If one was to spend such a tremendous amount of time fretting about coordinating their socks with sneaks, one would assume that at least the same amount of energy would be spent in seeking a sneaker with style, pizzazz, and a certain amount of laidback coolness. Not those nasty white leather freight boxes disguising themselves as running shoes.

    There are plenty of white sneakers that have a certain amount of fashionable oomph to them. The design is less bulky and more streamlined, while the details are refined and stylized enough to look great with sportswear. The best sock to wear with any sneaker, particularly white ones, is one that doesn’t show at all, like a cotton ped which reduces foot odor by absorbing perspiration and leaves a bare, clean line around the ankle. By all means, avoid tube socks or white anklets.

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    Q. I am going on vacation and will be walking quite a bit. What sneakers/tennis shoes are fashionable to wear with shorts? I want something that doesn’t look too clunky. (Kansas City, MO)

    A. Aw, a woman after my own heart who actually cares about her total look. There are so many absolutely cute and stylish sneaker styles around that you may have a hard time narrowing down to just one pair. First, be sure that where you are traveling, shorts are appropriate rather than a nice knee-length peasant or denim skirt.

    A slip-on sneaker or skimmer will create the illusion of a longer leg and punch up the look a bit. Another consideration would be an espadrille or wedge sandal which are very hot shoe styles this season- both are incredibly comfortable and more sophisticated than wearing a sneaker.

    When you do consider a tennis shoe, running shoe, or designer sneaker, always think about the proportion of your leg in combination with the proportion of the shoe. Women with thin legs and calves look more in sync in a sneaker style that has a sleek upper and thin sole in the style of a racing sneaker. While a heavier or more muscular leg looks in balance with a trainer that has a sturdier sole and fuller upper, like a retro 80’s running shoe. Horizontal decorative sneaker stripes will also create the illusion of a broader foot.

    Just because it is a sneaker, does not guarantee instant comfort- the shoe needs to offer enough support and cushiness to suit your foot shape.

    A bold color palette is a key trend this season and there’s no better way to perk up a simple vacation wardrobe than with a color splash from a very cool looking sneaker! Bon voyage!

    –June 02, 2005


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