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  • The Most Annoying Fashion and Beauty Masquerades of 2011

    Or, veiled attempts by real women to impersonate drag queens! I continue to find it mind-boggling that a woman feels that to look attractive she must wear embalming makeup, mink armpit hair length false eyelashes, Tressy extensions, an orange tan, and have her boobies pushed up to her enhanced cushion lips. The heightened glam caricatures that…

    Published on December 31, 2011
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  • Do you want to look like you’re from New Jersey, here’s a start

    “I know that’s a loaded question…In all honesty, when the email pitch came in, I thought I was looking at a photo of Snooky.Turns out the fake-baked, jett-haired Guidolina is not Snooky from the “Jersey Shore” but Olivia Bois Sharpe from “Jerseylicious”.Just like I can barely tell over-tanned, over-boobed and botoxed bleached blondes apart, the…

    Published on July 22, 2010
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