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  • The BIG Rebrand! New Look, New Resources

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    Yes, it’s that time again. The bi-annual website design update.

    But this round, it’s not only the look and feel of that’s gotten a facelift, it’s positioning the type of content that I’ve been serving you in a more specific framework.

    Style may be my beat but business is what I do 989% of my day. It’s how I help you and your biz get out there, especially when you want to attract high-level clients.

    Style is how you show up EVERY day in EVERY way.

    I’m fresh from a fantastic staycation in my favorite city in the whole world, New York.
    (Keep reading for a special TREAT for you at the end).

    My husband and I spent the long holiday weekend in the city being a tourist in our own town– taking in all the city has to offer, including the characters and surprises that keep you feeling inspired. Museums, go-to spots with spectacular views you never really go to when you live there, and treating myself to a virtual foodie tour around the world.

    Even though I love carbs, they haven’t loved me much lately. So I made it special treat by indulging, just a tad, at my favorite local joints.

    A taste of croissant from my favorite Parisian patisserie, bites of trenette pasta alla vongole from my favorite Italian ristorante, and paella Valenciana from a classic Spanish restaurant. Tonight, it’s a Broadway show and a secret late night dinner (should I include dessert?).

    Why all the celebrating?

    Well, first off it’s my birthday. I wanted to make the most out of life without actually getting on a plane.

    Don’t you love escaping from the everyday by simply being creative in how you spend your day? Inspiration is the perfect injection to keep you vital.

    Then, there’s something NEW here at FocusOnStyle!

    It’s the BIG rebrand!

    So, some of you may be thinking, “what the heck is a rebrand,” and others may say, “why are you telling me?”.

    I believe that style is how you show up every day, in every way… in your business, in your life, in how you present yourself.

    Well, we all need to stay relative, to be vital, to stay ahead of the curve, and live elegantly as our best self.

    This is something I call living in your STAR Power.

    When you live in your STAR Power you are ready to live your A-game… you set yourself up for success in every level of your life… you attract the high-level clients you seek… you amplify your business… you feel confident and alive because you know you are the best at being you (even on your perfectly imperfect days),

    FocusOnStyle is online since 1999.

    It has morphed with the ebbs and flows of my interests and the interests of the audience that I serve. The look, the feel, the vibe, the message, the design is constantly evolving.

    Just like our lives, the internet is not stagnant.

    We must move forward to not be trapped in a rut. We must position ourselves to our fullest if we want to live the life that we dream about.

    This is about the 9th iteration of the look of the FocusOnStyle – you can see a cool hyper-speed time capsule, here.

    I believe in walking my walk.

    I have a hand in everything I do in my brand so it is authentically me. This is something that I also encourage my clients to do in their businesses, so they too can step in their STAR Power.

    There is not only a new look on the website but several new opportunities and resources for us to work together so I can help you + your business get out there.

    Please take a peek at the hot-off-the-presses NEW pages that I created with you in mind:

    As a special BONUS FOR TODAY ONLY, since it is my birthday + the debut of the NEW FocusOnStyle, I invite you to imagine how your life would be if you stepped into your STAR Power.

    If you apply for a call with me today only, there will be a very special treat for you.

    Please look at the possibilities of us working together, here.

    There’s no obligation, other than your promise to yourself to explore what resonates with you. The call request must be scheduled today for the extra treat.

    Here’s where you can apply for an Exploratory Star Power Call.

    I can’t wait to talk to you and see how I can help you and your business get out there!

    Hope you love the new look of FocusOnStyle just as much as I do! Let me know what you think here.

    Peace, love, and style,



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