Personal Branding 101- How your personal brand is more than you think it is [Quick Tips Video]

Personal Branding 101- How your personal brand is more than you think it is

Personal branding tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

It can get very confusing to know what a personal brand is, but once you understand its messaging, the results are invaluable.

In this Quick Tips video, you will learn how a personal brand is more than you think it is and how it comes into play when you position yourself as the face of your brand.

Most of us know that a personal brand is a visual representation of ourselves and/or businesses… but a lot more goes into it than you think.

The look, feel, typeface, fonts, brand colors, style of design and style of your web site, along with how you present and position yourself with  your fashion fashion, hair, makeup, way of speaking,  and everything else you can think of that is part of your visual message ALL play a huge factor in how you and your brand are perceived as a credible, go-to expert or not.

Everything must be aligned for you to create the most congruent representation of yourself,  and your business, to send the right message to those whom you want to attract.

Nothing is stagnant online.

My website is online since 1999 and constantly evolves as the Internet changes and as your client and/or audience shifts to what is current.

As I was rebranding the visual design, messaging, and POV for, I realized just how important it is to be mindful all of these factors when doing any type of re-invention in your business.

All these different elements come together to represent what you are and how you are portrayed by others. Always take the time to do it right!

In case you missed it, take a look at some of the newly rebranded pages on by clicking the links below!

There is not only a new look on the website but several new opportunities and resources for us to work together so I can help you + your business get out there.

Please take a peek at the hot-off-the-presses NEW pages that I created with you in mind:

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