What’s Stopping You From Scaling Your Business Isn’t What You Expect! [Video]

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So You Know The Ins-And-Outs Of Your Trade, But You Are Just Not Getting Anywhere.

You know that you are a great person and have a lot to give, right? You deserve to scale-up, you deserve to stand out. But you’re missing something to get that next level client and scale your business.

It becomes frustrating. It becomes upsetting and yeah, you second-guess yourself and feel bad that you can’t get where you need to be. The things that used to work are not working now. The world has changed, marketing has changed, business has changed. The internet is now the number one platform to grow.

Let’s Talk About What’s Going On…

The secret to scale without all that “stuff”

Wow, even as a ⭐️ SAVVY entrepreneur…

Do you feel all that 👩🏻‍💻 business “stuff” is actually holding you back from GROWING your biz? 🤷‍♀️

I felt the same way until I found out I am my own 💎BEST💎 brand ambassador‼️

📺WATCH to learn how…

Posted by Sharon Haver – Focusonstyle.com on Monday, December 10, 2018

Overcome And Rise Up…

I know why you’re stuck. You might be putting your cart before your horse. This means that you have all of these business tools that you are putting in front and you are not making yourself the number one priority in your business.

You should be what people see and what people want, not all the extra stuff that you use to try getting ahead. Business is so much more straightforward now because of the internet, but that also makes it 10 times more complicated.

THIS Should Be On Your Front Line…

What’s missing is you. With all those tactics and strategies put in the right place, behind you, backing you up, not ahead of you, you will succeed. Be the face of your brand, you are the authentic superstar that people want to see! You need to represent yourself in the most unique way that no one else can.

In order to connect, to scale and amplify, relate and get the next level you have to be what people see first, not all of those extra business tactics. Sure, a few years ago, you didn’t have to be front-and-center but NOW YOU DO! It’s important to know how to show up in your online business.

You Already Have What You Need…

By all means, you want the stuff in that cart, you want that cart to help you, but you can’t let it get in your way. You need to be ahead of it. You need to be be seen first.

Connect! You are the only one that has what you have, no one else can copy you, so put you in the front, it’s the most unique and the best thing about your business.

How To Get There…

It’s your time to learn how to use exactly what you have to stand out in the crowded market. Become ad Authentic SuperStar today! Join the revolution, here: http://autheticsuperstar.com.

Video Transcription

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– Hello, hello, hello!

I wanna come in here real fast,

cause I was on the phone with
someone who was telling me

something that I wanna share with you.

And that is that she is a business owner,

probably for…

Maybe 10, 20 years?

I don’t remember, somewhere in that range.

She’s super smart, smart as a whip.

Been around, knows the ins,
knows the outs of her trade.

Really is someone that
you would wanna hire

as a consultant to help
you escalate your business.

But here’s what’s happening,
she’s missing out.

She’s not getting the traction.

She’s not being able to scale up.

She’s missing something
where she’s not getting that

next-level clients to
really grow her business.

It becomes frustrating,
it becomes upsetting.

You start becoming a Debbie Downer,

and second guessing yourself
because you feel like,

why am I not getting to that next level

that I could,

that I should?

I mean, what got me to this
place is not getting me

to the next place and I
feel like I’m actually

sliding down the hill
rather than going up it.

And I’ll tell you something,
it’s a little analogy.

If you know the old story
about the cart before the horse

and why you shouldn’t put
the cart before the horse,

well here, lemme help you out with that.

Imagine in your business
that you have this race horse

and there’s a cart, and
in that cart you put in

all the tactics, all the strategies,

all the business stuff

that you think you need.

And you do!

All the funnel building
and maybe the sponsored

booth assets and maybe
learning a signature talk.

We said funnels but then
there’s also how the funnels

connect with each other, how they talk.

Are they evergreen, is it a launch?

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

All that good stuff.

So you got all that knowledge
plus your expertise,

you know how to run your
business and you got that horse

and it’s all in the
cart and what happens is

the horse can’t pull the cart.

The horse is a race
horse, it can’t get ahead.

It has this heavy cart
laden down with tactics

and strategies and it can’t go nowhere.

And you know why?

Because what’s missing is you.

Imagine with all those
tactics, all those strategies,

all that experience and business acumen

that you were able to be front and center

and people would see you
and know that all that stuff

that got you to this point
to see you is behind you.

But right now you are
the face of your brand.

You are the authentic
superstar that people see,

you are representing yourself in the most

unique way that no one else can.

You’re connecting, you’re
scaling, you’re amplifying,

you’re relating, you’re
getting to the next level

because of all that stuff
that’s behind you in the cart.

But now suddenly you are front and center

and start stepping in your star power.

So this is something that so
many business owners just,

they don’t pay attention
to cause a few years ago,

two years ago, five years ago
you didn’t have to be there.

You didn’t have to be out front
and center but now you do.

How you show up in a photo,
how you show up in a video,

your head shots, your social
media, it’s your connection,

your authentic connection to
the people you want to meet.

So you can’t forget it.

It’s what’s gonna help you

get to the next level in your business.

And then once all that stuff is there

and once you’re looking
great and you got that

hot-looking horse and
got that cart behind you

and everyone sees that great
horse and that wonderful mane,

then you can pull it!

You can go, you can go
all ahead, you can scale,

scale to your highest mountains,

you can pass the finish line.

You can go wherever you wanna
go cause you’re not laden

down by all the tactics,
all the strategies,

all the stuff in front of you.

People now suddenly see you.

It’s the form of connection,

it’s the stepping into
your own star power,

it’s becoming your own
authentic superstar,

and you’re the only one that has that,

no one else can copy that,
no one else can be you.

So I hope that helps!

See you in the next video.

If you got some benefits from this,

share it with some friends
who might need some benefits.

See you soon, bye-bye!


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