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  • Putting a Name On Your Style… Classic Conundrum

    Putting a Name On Your Style… Classic Conundrum

    Q:Putting a Name On Your Style… Classic Conundrum

    Is there is such a thing as classic dramatic? I am trying to update my look, but I feel as if I’m still dressing too trendy for my age (32). I like the look of a classic crisp white button-up top with a blazer, chunky jewelry, and black slacks for work. I love that look! However, I’m not sure how to keep within those lines? Can you help me refine this style? Help!!! (New Rochelle, NY)



    Classic dramatic? I’m sure you can find that down an aisle at Blockbusters!

    Sweetie, discover a style that makes you feel great about yourself rather than assimilate to some kooky way of conforming. The eighties may be making a fashion comeback but that oddball nomenclature marketed to describe one’s style of dress (please don’t even try to ask me about color seasons) is far too dated and restrictive– particularly, for someone of your years.

    Frankly, I think a blazer– please no gold buttons– and a white shirt can be pretty boring unless they have a great fit and cut. But, I have a feeling that the kind you are talking about are those boxy, shapeless blazers and pleated slacks, worn with frumpy white shirts.

    Why am I such a fashion physic?

    Because that’s usually what women who loooove chunky jewelry put together… it’s called safe! Say no to cookie cutter fashion stereotypes!

    There’s nothing wrong with pants and a jacket, just be sure they are the right ones with a modern cut and pizzazz! When wearing your bold jewelry, just wear one accent piece-not a matching bracelet, necklace, and earring set! Add a pair of bright feminine slingbacks instead of ho hum loafers or plain pumps-fashion is about combining the unexpected!

    Reach out and expand your style. Get a good haircut while you are at it! If you think this look is too trendy for 32, you really need to go out and have some fun— your fashion sense will be a whole lot more lighthearted.

    –March 7, 2003

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