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I’m The Fashion Mentor To Grown-Up Women, Just As They Are, To Refine Their Chic + Ageless Style … So That They Can Confidently Pull Their Look Together Every Day With Ease!

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Meet Sharon…

I’m Sharon Haver, New York fashion stylist turned style mentor, fashion expert and bootstrapping web entrepreneur as the founder of FocusOnStyle.com, online since 1999 (that was waaay before there was such a thing as a fashion blogger!

What I am passionate about is helping women feel confident in their style.

I spent 15 years on photo shoots from styling Vogue covers to making cheap sweats look chic. My heart and soul was in making women confidently master ageless chic on their own terms. I took that yearning to my fashion advice column that appeared in 400 newspapers and then to founding FocusOnStyle.com, where you the reader are the most important style icon in my world.leopad-shoes-red-chair-polaroid-200

After three decades in style, I understand that you may need to go beyond piecing together what you read in the media to learn how to pull yourself together to best flatter your personal style.

FocusOnStyle is where I freely share my stylist tips to help you decipher the fashion code and get closer to your best self everyday.

And for those of you who want to go further, faster in your personal style, my premiere program, the C’est Chic Crash Course, is your way to deep dive into yourself  to take your style to the next level with me walking you through the steps to manifest your most confident and chic self.

Imagine what else you can accomplish when you feel confident in your style… let’s get to it!

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Here’s How I Can be Your Style Mentor…

C’est Chic Crash Course

Looking Pulled Together Shouldn’t Be Agonizing

Spend 8 weeks with me to bring to light a personal chic style that suits your personality, values, and body so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and underrated.

I created this style system because ‘fashion’ doesn’t work for most people.  Grown up ladies know that it’s not about being trendy but cultivating the ageless allure of C.H.I.C.™-  Confident, Harmonious, Interesting, and Classic style.

That’s why I created the proven style system to get you there.

This is for you if you are ready to make breakthroughs to confidently elevate your style. My premiere online video style mentoring program is where I walk you through all you need to know to confidently become the stylist in charge of your own look. Start out with the free video series; no credit card required.

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Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop


I created the Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop as a way for you to confidently understand the essentials to build your everyday style just as you are today.

Before you can nail your style, you need to get clear on the balance + proportion that makes everything fall into place to flatter your figure so that you can master the stylish framework to shine!

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More Ways To Boost Your Style Together…

V.I.P. Private 1 On 1 Stylist Style Mentoring Sessions

Let’s get close up + personal in my limited V.I.P. Style Mentoring Stylist Sessions. Learn what it takes to easily pull yourself together with the confidence to make the most of what you’ve got.

Imagine looking pulled together effortlessly…

Do you want to the most of what you’ve got by implementing my streamlined fashion stylist skills to stylishly increase your polished presence + self-confidence?

Let’s get to it!

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Become a FocusOnStyle Insider-

You don’t need to dream about hiring a stylist if you can learn to style yourself!

Join The Stylist Advice & Fashion Tips Newsletter… it’s free!

Receive the latest news, info, and special offers reserved for people on our Insiders List from Sharon Haver and the all expert fashion, beauty & style team… stay in the loop and don’t miss one very fashionable thing!

PLUS, get our FREE download of “Passport to French Chic” when you subscribe, as Sharon’s gift to you.

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Simply Amazing Headshot

Simply Amazing Headshots-

How to tell your story from the collar up.

The stylist formula to the perfect profile image.

Currently waitlisted. Hop on the interest list so you will be the first to know when it opens up.

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Read style and fashion stylist advice on the FocusOnStyle blog

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More Stylist Advice  At Your Fingertips…

Passport to French Chic

Want to know the secrets of French chic style?

Start to be your own stylist with my do-it-yourself chic style guide so you can pull it together like a Parisian (even if you come from Brooklyn, like moi) with easy, effortless élan.

Chicster, your style shouldn’t be an afterthought. Treat yourself. It’s FREE!

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Call My Stylist-

Riiiing, riiing, ring. I have something very special for those who “only need a little bit” of me, and wish you could pick my brain for a very specific style question.

I’ve partnered with Clarity, the online source for connecting with experts so you and I can have a quick chat to discover your style solution. Call me!

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Free Online Fashion + Style Guides-

We’ve curated the most popular fashion stylist advice posts into easy to reference style guides for you! Yup, these are the top topics that you want to master, all linked from one guide. Curated just for you.

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StyleWORD- style motivation, affirmation, and daily fashion quotes

#styleWORD Style Motivation + Affirmations

Daily Style Inspiration + Motivation-  Fashion quotes, style tips, and image boosting affirmations to start your day to act on it. Ponder. Revel. Share or keep to yourself.

Get your gorgeous on… now… in tiny bites of style!

styleWORD styleWORD

65 Things To Do When You Retire-

Honored to have the opportunity to share my senior style tips in the book along such esteemed notables as my feminist idol Gloria Steinem, former President Jimmy Carter, Jane Fonda, John E. Nelson, (What Color Is Your Parachute?), and a host of other experts and achievers on how to make the most of the rest of your life.

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Become an Ambassador!

Share in the success of the Sharon Haver & FocusOnStyle line of style mentoring products!

Our Ambassador Program (aka affiliate, JV) is for those with like-minded & complimentary audiences of grown-up women who desire to amp up their style with our stylist mentoring products.

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