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[THE DIGEST] Applied authenticity, work from home style, leading to the top + more

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Okay, so y’all know I have a double life. This diehard city girl has a place out west which really can’t be more opposite if it tried.

My work-ation continues with some very pleasant breaks to soak up the great outdoors and western vibe in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

In total honesty, I didn’t put on any/much makeup until my interview with the Women’s Entrepreneur Network (below).

Oddly, it’s been slim pickings for wildlife.

So far we haven’t had any backyard moose but I did spot a mama moose and calf on my morning poodle walk.

Hubbs arrived and we did some backcountry drives, including Grand Teton National Park and a back road that made me gulp as it was so perilously close to the canyon edge.

I popped a few snaps to share with you. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve added a bunch to Instagram stories and will continue next week into my road trip.

And now for the biz…


Applied Authenticity in your life, business and brand…

Fake. Real. Applied Authenticity!!!

How to do it?

Thrilled to be on this livestream talking about Applied Authenticity in your business and brand with Haley Lynn Gray, founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network and Leadership Girl community.

Lot’s of really cool insights about making almost anything your own. Enjoy!





How To Dress Comfortably When You Work From Home [Quick Tips Video]

When you work from home you want to dress comfortably yet still be somewhat polished.

ow to dress comfortably when you work from home

It’s so easy to fall into the PJ’s all day trap but studies show that you will be more productive if you are wearing more professional apparel. The actual style should be aligned and on brand for what you do.

I’m not saying wear a suit, and my work from home dress style is pretty casual, verging on a uniform,  but chose pieces that you can easily style up for success.





Leadership Style To Climb To The Top With Alison Levine, Adventurer + Keynote Speaker [7 Days To Amazing Podcast]

Alison Levine. Adventurer, Mountaineer & Author Teaches Leadership Lessons Learned on Mount Everest

We’re on hiatus for the rest of the summer- the perfect time to catch up on the best of  7 Days to Amazing!

Alison Levine, Adventurer, Mountaineer & Author, joins the podcast to talk about her experiences climbing Mount Everest and how to apply the invaluable leadership lessons she as learned along the way.


Facebook Stop In…

Not every day is glamour day. Check out my whatever happens in Wyoming stays in Wyoming quickie video on Facebook.

Mama’s a bit undone. Today’s Quick Tip is about when it’s okay to kick back and when it’s not.

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Around the media…

 Delighted to be featured in The Reader’s Digest and talking about the 50 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Way Younger.

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