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  • Time for new photos? Hear what Gary Vaynerchuk thinks about personal branding photo shoots…

    gary vaynerchuk personal branding shoots

    Wondering about a personal branding shoot? I asked Gary Vaynerchuk what he thought about them…⁠

    “It’s one big game of insecurity. People are not willing to be themselves.”⁠

    There you go. Case closed.⁠

    Consider this a Public Service Announcement so you don’t get overwhelmed with some fancy-schamcy branding shoot that only dilutes the real you from from the people you want to attract and do business with.⁠

    Earlier, Gary said that you can “call personal branding reputation, same 💩”⁠

    Think about it.⁠

    That’s all I got… watch the video.⁠… it could be the most important 39 seconds you’ll see today.

    Thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk who is probably the King of All Social Media. Love him for cutting through the crud.⁠

    Listen up: If you need help humanizing your brand by being you, get your tush over to The 5-day challenge is free now… because I believe it is that important for you.⁠

    Bottom line, it’s all about being confident in who you are.⁠

    How would you like to be seen?⁠

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