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  • How to wear it now? Styling Hacks from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017


    I’m not going to lie, I may love French chic style, but I’m always partial to Italian fashion so Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 gets me pretty excited.

    You know what else puts a smile on my face?  Seeing supermodel Lauren Hutton work the runway.

    Okay, maybe I’m dating myself, but I owe A LOT to Ms. Hutton.

    You see way back when I was a kid I had a big gap between my front teeth. My mom was pretty insistent that I get braces and the orthodontist was headset that not only would he need to do some surgery along with my wearing heavy braces for several years but my gap would never go away on its own.

    I kinda liked the gap, and Lauren Hutton being on all the magazine covers at the time certainly helped win my case to my parents that there would be NO braces.

    Guess what?

    As soon as my family and I were all on the same page that I would have a big supermodel-like gap in my front teeth, it closed up on his own! Just disappeared one day as quickly as it showed up.

    Years ago, I worked with Ms. Hutton on a photo shoot and told her the story. She mentioned it on Regis the next day. So there you go, I owe my front teeth to Lauren Hutton. Well sort of.

    Now, back to fashion…. there is so much runway inspiration from Milan. I’ll let Naveed tell you the styling hacks you can work into your wardrobe now.  Tell me what you think.  – S.H.

    Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 styling tricks and hacks to try now for quick and simple updates to your look

    Leave it Milan to remind us that when it comes to dressing real, grown-up women of all types, sometimes it takes looking at what worked in the past and rebooting it for today, like we saw for Spring 2017.


    From the fashion phobic to the head scratchers – you want to know how to make fashion work for you? You make it yours.

    There is something for everyone, and that’s what seeing 72 year old supermodel Lauren Hutton return to the runway at Bottega Veneta(above) should work to remind you of. Stop saying it’s not for you, stop thinking it’s unrealistic. Just go for it. No matter your lifestyle, Milan was the first city for Spring ’17 to give you no more excuses. Look past the over the top styling, the theatrical pieces and the young models and you’ll see that you are a part of the picture.

    No one is leaving you and your needs out. It’s just that, I know, the delivery can be off-putting. So don’t shoot the messenger. Use the message to your advantage both personally and professionally.

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    So take in the ideas that could work for you from below, and think about how you can take what you have and style it in ways that speak of the times to keep relevant.

    Here’s the best from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017 to boost your look now…



    Seen at: Marni(above, left), Prada, Jil Sander(above, left)

    Make it yours: Though chunky statement making earrings can be distracting for work, they do make for great conversation starters come evening. The estate options around Milan lent the modern and romantic moods both a sense of grown-up sophistication and play. Which is a fail proof way when thinking about accessorizing pieces that are forward thinking, or just plain old different.

    Pleats Please-


    Seen at: Marni(above, left), Jil Sander(above, right), Pucci

    Make it yours: Grecian inspired pleating has long been championed by great’s like Madame Gres, Vionnet, Issey Miyake and perennially chic style icon Mary McFadden. But what made it look fresh come Milan was the city’s clever twists on 90’s era volume by way of delicate micro pleated fabrications that sit away from the body and boast exaggerated shapes.

    They work because they make smart alternatives to print for more wear, and they never, ever go out of style. Though Marni’s off-kilter silhouette may be a bit fussy, Jil Sander’s pumped up volume and contrasting hues make a case for texture. And I bet you that dress weighs just a few ounces – pleated fabric is comfortable! And did I mention wrinkle free?

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    Breezy Boho-


    Seen at: Etro(above), Pucci, Gucci, Fendi, No. 21

    Make it yours: Since no summer wardrobe can be complete without boho options, think about how you can make such a tried & true style look modern. One quick way for now is to look for silhouettes that flow away from the body with graphic prints and collages of metallic patches that you can pick up at literally any price point.

    There’s Something For Everyone-


    Seen at: Tod’s(above), Alberta Ferretti(above, middle), Max Mara(above, right), Bottega Veneta

    Make it yours: If New York + London were all about an endless parade of dresses that where either too young or experimental, then Milan saved the season with a bounty of separates to suit every body type. And boy, were they womanly! Tod’s crisp culottes and leather moto jacket delivered a modern route to easy cool, while Alberta Ferretti grounded her overtly femme full skirt with easy on the wear flats and Max Mara went power woman with a high-waisted pencil skirt. The point is, try them all if you can, the Tod’s look is perfect for days off, the Ferretti for celebrations and the Max Mara for big meetings where you need to command attention.

    The Foolproof Foundation-


    Seen at: Prada(above)

    Make it yours: We’ve been talking about the importance of foundation pieces for ages here at FoS, so take this cue as a little reminder! If you’re as into the madcap, retro tinged Prada show as I am, there’s one essential to almost every look that’s easy to catch – the recurrence of a classic black turtleneck. It’s a simple as this: if you’re trying to figure out how you can wear a shocking print or fabrication, contrast it with something strong, yet basic. A refined black or white turtleneck, blouse or tee will do…

    Longer, Leaner-

    Seen at: Versace(above), Max Mara

    Make it yours: Athletic inspired looks have long been creating a buzz at fashion weeks the world over – and why not, with much of the world addicted to the practicality and ease of workout gear? But leggings with a suit jacket, you say?

    Give it a go as long as your leggings have a sense of polish, same goes for what you pair them with. The two looks above from Versace work to elevate the idea buy pairing them with longer, leaner, beautifully cut jackets. And by going monochrome, in turn you’ll look taller, slimmer and authoritative. I for one, have always been into hiding my waist for the same effect. And, if exposing your thighs is an issue, pair them with a top half that is longer enough to cover your problem areas.


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    Get A Leg Up On What’s Out For Fall Now!

    Images via LFW

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