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  • Fashion’s dirty deed is back again

    Mr. Blackwell’s 46th Annual Best & Worst DressedWomen List 2005

    Mr. Blackwell’s 46th Annual Best Worst Dressed List 2005.

    Update yourself: Mr. Blackwell Worst Dressed List 2006

    Ok, so Mr. Blackwell put the B in be-atch.
    But baby, somebody has got to say out loud what you whisper in private. Now, we don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Blackwell and his opinions are his own, however, it’s no secret that we love to read his worst dressed list. Let the cackling begin…


    Mr. Blackwell’s FABULOUS Fashion Independents of 2005:

    Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Kathy Hilton, Dionne
    Warwick, Ginny Mancini, Nicole Kidman, Carolina Herrera, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss and Natalie Portman.

    The Worst Dressed Women of 2005:

    10.Renee Zellweger: Renee runs the gamut from Kewpi Doll Dreck to Red Carpet Wreck ­ Just take your pick. She looks like a painted pumpkin ­on a pogo stick!

    "Oh, Mr. Blackwell, sorry to disagree, but WE love Renee

    9. Lindsay Lohan: Drowning in “grown-up” growners, the Teen Scream defines “Fashion Fright” ­ looks like she’s aged 30 years … overnight!

    8.Shakira: A Symphony of Style-Free Fiascos has scandalized her bod ­Coiffure by Medusa … clothes by The Marquis De Sade! Hopeless!

    7.Anna Nicole Smith: Her Supreme Court battle proves every fashion “dog” has their day — unless she’s mistaken for “Queen Kong” … in cheap lingerie! Fashion lunacy — in living, unforgiving color!

    6. Paris Hilton: The Burger Queen Sensation may be very rich — but she still looks like yesterday’s cheesecake … with a side of kitsch! Hot? I think not!

    5. Mariah Carey: Fashion’s Hari-Carey Strikes Again! The world applauds your musical emancipation … but please — leave that body to our imagination!

    4. Eva Longoria: Now that Eva is America’s most successful primetime flirt … she can afford to bury the bikiniwear ­and buy a skirt! Gorgeous face, garish taste … what a waste!

    3. Jessica Simpson: It’s time to sack the stylist and divorce the “designer” … she resembles a cut-rate Rapunzel slingin’ hash in a Vegas diner!

    2.Mary Kate Olsen: In Bag Lady rags that look depressingly decayed — forget the “accessories” and buy some “Raid!”


    1. Britney Spears: When it comes to Couture Chaos, this Tacky Terror should take a bow — looks like an over-the-hill “Lolita” … From the “Princess of Pop” to the ultimate “Fashions Flop!

    –January 11, 2006

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