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FocusOnStyle Quick Tips videos with Sharon Haver are on the go shortcuts to elevate your business, life and style each day.

Quick Tip Video: Style Is Not About Size

How to dress for your body shape? Well, as Sharon Haver says: “It’s not the style honey, it’s the attitude!” It's no news that what you wear says a lot about you. Your clothes do not only outline your figure or size, but also tell a lot about your ambitions, emotions and spending habits. Do you want to dress stylish and fashionable? Yes, you can be stylish at any size! [...]


Quick Tip Video: Hang On To Your Youthful Spirit!

The #1 way how not to look old and be perceived as relevant is pretty simple. Hang on to your youthful spirit! There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than when I hear otherwise vital women saying, “I can’t do this, “I can’t wear that,” “for my age,” and other nay saying that olds them back. It usually happens when there is a big life event or around a birthday with a Zero. [...]


Quick Tip Video: Why You Should Invest In Yourself If You Want Clients To Invest In You

Success Quick Tip: Investing in yourself is your most valuable investment .The number one way to get clients to invest in you: Invest in yourself! That’s right. I’ve said it. How can clients invest in you if you don’t invest in your business acumen and personal development and business development, and in how you present yourself? Even when you’re in a casual environment when you want clients to invest in you, you have got to be at least a few [...]


Quick Tip Video: Why You Need White Space To Clear Your Mind And Get Inspired

Today's Productivity Quick Tip is the importance of finding clarity in white space. Sometimes you just need to literally find white space to clear your head and get clarity. Look at this beauty of white and clean all around me. A simple, absolutely open palette allows you to be able to think of what you want to do, what you want to accomplish, what's next in your life. Now, I admit that most of the time we don't get the pleasure of actually having [...]


Quick Tip Video: Ambition, the #1 thing you need to succeed + stay motivated

Today's Quick Tip is a little bit about business. A little bit about life and it's something that I think is incredibly important to know how you run your company. Especially, if you're a solopreneur or a woman entrepreneur. How should you run your life? Why do ambitious people do more than people who run aimlessly? Ambition defines how passionately you go about doing what you do. This has so much to do with what happens when you hire people and how [...]


Quick Tip Video: The Secret to Make The Most Out Of Life- Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Get out of your comfort zone. Explore new horizons! The secret to see things bigger, greater and different than you are used to. For instance, take my place out West. Did I ever think growing up in Brooklyn, being a native New Yorker and city girl that I would have a place in Wyoming that I designed as an ode to Dale Evans and Roy Rogers? No way. I married a skier and gave birth to a skier. At first I was a fish out [...]

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