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  • Business Tip: Always uphold your brand image, even if it’s just for show [Quick Tips Video]

    Show up like you mean it

    It is absolutely critical that you uphold your professional image even if it’s just for show.

    When your face and brand is being seen you must step into your star power and represent. The show must go on!

    Both sides have to look the part in order to have a comfortable, enjoyable, and professional experience. Stage interviews, Q&A panels, podcasts, radio interviews, and other live streams all have an audience that came to see a show, so you must show up like you mean it!

    Being frequently booked for shows, I’ve picked up a few pointers to help other professionals or entrepreneurs with conduct during an interview

    1) Smile as if nothing is wrong– if there are times when your interviewer is not stepping up to the plate, or being a good host, you have to smiling and talk as if nothing is wrong. Remain a professional during these times.

    2) Give good answers – People are looking at you and they actually care about what you have to say. Give your best answer while smiling to the camera.

    3) Represent your brand–  Get the job done while standing in your expertise, or your brand.

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