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  • Reinvention Advice to have a relevant personal brand so your small business doesn’t fall behind! [Quick Tips Video]


    How to have a relevant personal brand + the WORST lighting ever!!!

    It’s so easy to rest on your laurels but you don’t want to let your brand fall behind.

    Join me in this Quick Tips video with a beautiful Hudson River New York City view of the Freedom Tower behind me (and some REALLY atrocious light) to learn why it’s important as a woman entrepreneur and small business owner to stay on top of your personal brand to be perceived as relevant in your small business.

    Use the yucky lighting in this video to see how important it is to be literally seen in the right light... it’s ok to once in awhile have bad lighting if you are outside and on the go, but don’t make a habit of it best represent your business.

    Please take a peek at the hot-off-the-presses NEW pages that I created with you in mind:

    FocusOnStyle Quick Tip Videos with Sharon Haver are on the go (unedited, undone, real life) one take, one minute videos designed to help you elevate your business, life and style each day. For the QuickTips Video Library, click here.

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