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  • The Hidden Costs of Speaking vs. Online Marketing? [Video]

    Speaking vs online marketing

    Is Speaking right for you?

    Let’s get real on speaking vs. digital.

    Okay, fess up… are you a little afraid of the online world?

    Do you think public speaking is a better choice because you’re not that techie?

    Maaaaybe not so much.

    Listen as I share some numbers and expenses and where the rewards and targeted results come from.

    You may be surprised.

    I meet so many women entrepreneurs and coaches who totally buy into the ‘speaking thing’ without realizing the hidden costs… emotional, physical, and monetary from pursuing the dream.

    The results are not nearly as targeted (unless you can sell ice to an Eskimo) and you end up in a viscous circle of maybe the next one will be better.

    But online… you can target exactly who you and your message would be magnetic!!!

    You can find your peeps!

    But you have to be authentic to make a difference:

    Hiding behind a facade of branding shoots with blurry backgrounds doesn’t bring trust… just that you paid a photographer to clean up up.

    💕If you want to show up in YOUR own starpower, join my in my FREE 5-day challenge now: AUTHENTICSUPERSTAR.COM.

    I’ll show you what’s working today and how to have the confidence to be you!

    PS- Speaking is a great asset to your business, just NOT the only one nor the most practical.

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hey, comin’ in super fast

    ’cause I was talkin’ to someone earlier

    and I want you to keep this in mind

    about spending too much money and thinking

    that things are not
    gonna cost what they do

    when you’re comparing apples to apples

    and oranges to oranges
    and lemons to pomegranate

    in your business.

    So I was talking to someone earlier

    about speaking and she was saying

    “Ah I’m gonna go out
    of the speaking circuit

    and I’m gonna make all this money and

    blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    Well, I want you to think about something.

    When you’re saying you wanna do digital

    and you’re all “Now it
    costs money to advertise,

    now it costs money to do this.”

    Think about apple to apple
    as to what you’d be spending

    if you were on the speaking circuit.

    There’s your transportation,
    airfare, plane, right?

    Plane, train, gas in a
    car, staying in a hotel.

    It all adds up: actual fees for going back

    and forth from the hotel.

    Parking, the cost of actually speaking

    because a lot of big events,

    you have to pay to speak, right?

    You have to pay a speakers fee or

    you’re splitting it with a host,

    which a lot of people don’t do anymore.

    And then you compare that to
    what you’re doing digital,

    where if you have to have
    an advertising budget,

    it would be apple to apple
    for what it is, right?

    So before you go out
    and you start doing any

    of this stuff, you start
    doing any of these things,

    when you’re saying, “I’m gonna go speaking

    because I don’t have to
    pay for advertising.”

    Not exactly true to what it is.

    You have other hidden expenses, as well.

    So I want you to keep that in mind,

    when you’re afraid of
    doing somethin’ digital

    ’cause, “Oh it’s online and it scares me

    and it costs so much money.” Well,

    it’s actually cost you
    less money in the long run.

    The other thing that
    you need to think about,

    which is super important, is targeting

    your audience, right?

    So if you’re at a speaking event,

    they might be people who are in the type

    of business you want, but they’re not

    the vibe, they’re not your people, right?

    Might be a general…

    Women entrepreneurs let’s say, right?

    So, but, maybe they’re
    not women entrepreneurs

    that are your kinda women entrepreneurs,

    ’cause everyone y’know
    there’s different…

    Is there a pot for every cover,

    is that that expression?

    Because, you know, I’ll personally,

    I’ve been in masterminds programs where

    I have paid a boat-load of money.

    Like, if I would have
    put the 40K on one thing

    into advertising, oh my God
    the results would have been

    so different and so much better.

    Why, you ask? Because they
    would have been specific.

    So when you’re doing advertising,

    when you’re doing digital stuff,

    it is specific, right? Totally specific

    to what you want, you’re
    actually going in there

    and you’re honing it and you’re targeting

    the type of people you want,

    and those type of people that you want

    will be attracted to you online.

    So, they’ll be listening to you whereas

    if you’re going into a big pool

    of people who are attending an event,

    they all might not see
    things the same way, right?

    They all might not be your “people”.

    They might be your kinda group,

    but they might not be your people.

    So, you’re actually spending more money,

    and getting there and setting it up

    and networking and everything else,

    and might walk away with not getting

    what you wanna be getting.

    So, I’m really all about trying

    things in a digital world, trying

    to find your audience, in a way where

    they continuously…

    Consistently there and
    they can relate to you

    and that’s the other thing,

    if you’re doing something that’s online,

    you can be intentional and consistent

    in reaching the kind of
    people you wanna be reaching.

    Rather than just going
    and doing, you know like

    the shot in the dark,
    the drop in the bucket…

    Boy are my idioms all backwards today.

    And, you know, as you would
    be in a speaking event.

    So, it’s like, don’t think that that’s

    the be-all and end-all.

    It will, going and doing things in person,

    there is something to be said about that.

    There is something to be
    said about human connection.

    However, the expenses
    involved in doing that,

    may not always add up and you may be able

    to get a much bigger and more
    effective bang for your buck

    when you do something
    online, and most of the time,

    almost always online,
    people are attracted to you,

    in one-tenth of a second, right?

    So, that’s that critical
    first impression photo

    that you’ve got there.

    So, before they listen to your video,

    before they read your memes,

    before they do anything,
    you have a snap second

    to capture their attention.

    So, I can help you with that part of it,

    because I was a stylist for fifteen years

    on photo shoots and I learned everything

    I needed to know behind-the-scenes

    that when I became in front of the scenes

    and the camera, it kinda
    scared the bajeesus outta me,

    but I figured out how to…

    I can do this and be cool
    and authentic and real,

    and I’ll show you how to do that as well.

    So, go over to,

    join me in the free for
    now five day challenge.

    I will help you how to show
    up, stand out effectively

    on-brand, so you can
    position yourself for success

    and attract your best audience.

    Whether you wanna do that organically,

    whether you wanna do
    that later on as you grow

    with an ad budget, whatever it is.

    Stop with all these fake photos,

    they are just throwin’ money out.

    People know that they’re fake,

    the only people who are
    promoting that stuff

    are photographers or people
    who as Gary Vee said,

    go look back a couple of videos

    where I was interviewing him,

    that you know it’s people
    who are too insecure

    to come out there and be real.

    So, go out there, be real, attract

    your own best audience.
    You can do it online.

    Supplement that with what you do speaking

    and traveling and networking, but remember

    that all that money you spend doing that

    or all those hours you spend driving

    or those hotels, it’s, not
    only is it mentally taxing

    and physically exhausting,
    but you’re also spending

    a lot of money where you’re
    just, really, it’s…

    You’re putting a drop in the bucket

    and you may or may not get
    the right personal rewards.

    You’re doing it online,
    you are really doing

    one to many like this,

    and you will start building and attracting

    your audience, because you can call them,

    you can hone them, you can target them

    through advertising or
    they will start to listen

    to you and follow you organically.

    Although, organically is
    kinda sucking these days

    because of the way the
    algorithm is working,

    it’s not completely
    dead, but it’s certainly

    not where it was a few years ago.

    So, if you see someone who
    has a massive following

    that they claim they got overnight,

    they probably got it a few years ago

    when it was much easier to do

    and if they’re telling
    you otherwise right now,

    it’s not one-hundred percent the truth.

    There probably was
    advertising money behind it.

    And that’s okay! Right?

    So, go over to,

    I will see you there.

    [kiss sound]
    Any questions, drop it
    below and let me know,

    drop a comment, put an
    emoji and let me know,

    like, are you trying to do everything

    in real life and going
    to speaking engagements

    and traveling, or are
    you trying to really do

    it virtually, digitally
    online, or are you trying

    to do a combination of it? Anyway,

    let me know in the comments. See you soon.

    [00:07:12.01] Bye!

    [upbeat music]
    – That song’s pretty
    powerful right here, right?

    [audience clapping and cheering]

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