Client Attraction: They Like You More! [Video]

Connecting with your tribe: The Bond You Can't Break

Client attraction to connect with your best audience online….

Hola from windy Miami!

All that fussing and photo shoots, and you know what?

Yeah baby, they like you more!

‘Cause people relate to real people. So it’s pretty obvious that they like you being you more than the fancy images you create.

I’ll tell you more about this client attraction technique in the video below…

Hey, all this doesn’t mean you can wing it and go all helter-skelter looking clueless or boring.

There are key marks you must hit or it will be brand suicide.

Go to my free course at and you’ll get a kickstart on authentically scaling.

Video Transcription

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Hello, hello, hello!

How are you?

I want to come in and talk
to you about something

that I think, it’s just so easy to forget,

and the thing is, they like you more.

Let me qualify that,

they like the real you more.

When I say they, I’m
talking about your tribe,

your potential clients,
your fans, your friends,

your family, your current
clients, your current family,

your neighbor down the
block, whoever it is,

whoever you’re trying to attract,

the person who’s a swipe
right on a dating app,

whatever it is,

they like you more than
this whole manufactured,

fussed up, upside down,
do it to the day you die,

zhuzhed up branding
shoots, or whatever it is,

photography version of yourself.

People relate to real
people, so even though

some of these gorgeous
shoots are really beautiful,

what happens is it creates a wall,

fourth wall as they say in acting,

between you and your ideal audience.

So you’re not longer being
you, sitting on the floor here,

on my balcony, hotel
balcony, it’s a nasty hotel,

we don’t want to see
it, we just want to see

the pretty water behind me, right?

So, rather than me like
sitting here pretending

to be something else, I’m
just telling you I’m me.

I’m being me, I’m connecting to you

in the most honest way.

And it’s a lot more interesting than if,

let me let them go by.

And it’s a lot more interesting

than if I tried to be someone other than

who I exactly am.

And that’s what brings people in.

It’s almost that voyeuristic idea of

like the same way you watch reality shows

and you see people on reality shows,

and you feel like they’re
in your living room

and you’re in their living room.

And it’s a deeper connection
than when you’re watching,

let’s say, a sitcom and
you know for real that

the person on the sitcom is acting.

So it’s the same thing
when it comes to you

as a business person, as an entrepreneur,

as anyone online.

You need to understand
that your best audience

wants you real.

Now, when it comes to your
photos and your photography,

you don’t want to make
any critical mistakes

by showing up going, ah do you see me?

What do you think? How is that?

That’s a little different than
seeing me like this, right?

Because I know how to hold a camera,

I know how to poise
myself, I know what to do.

So, if you want me to help you show up,

how to still be you,
how to be totally real,

I have something that’s totally free.

Go over to,

it’s my free five day challenge
that’s starting right up,

and it will help you get settled,

get started, and how to
be the best at being you.

Being real.

Being authentic online, so that you

can connect with your tribe.

And just, you know all that other stuff

is really great if you want to do it,

the fancy stuff, like 20% of the time.

But most of the time, just be you,

you know I know people say,
“I got my new headshot,

“I got my new headshot.”

Well that’s great but you can’t use

that same headshot day in and day out.

You need variety online.

You need variety in your
memes and your social media

and your video covers and your blog posts

and the cover of your website

and in your speaker sheets,

whatever it is you need variety.

Variety is not only the spice of life,

but it is the spice of headshots.

So if you need more, you
need to make them real.

And to make them real, I can help you out.

Go over to,

I’ll show you what I got over there.

Totally free, you got nothing
to lose except boring,

except being boring.

That’s all it is.

Okay folks, I am going to
see you soon, watch my view.

It’s kind of pretty, right?

I don’t know.

It’s pretty, I’m not a, I’m in Miami.

It’s nice.

I’m not a Florida fan.

I kind of like melons,
but it’s pretty, right?

Anyway, see you guys soon.



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