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  • Social Media Growth Hack: How to attract your tribe on social media [Video]

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    If you’re frustrating wondering how others are attracting their tribe on social media and why you are not connecting and growing your best audience… don’t forget this!

    Are you scratching your head about why all your hard work isn’t paying off?

    You’re posting regularly. You’re even creating ads. But the people don’t seem “right.”

    Even though you are doing all the ‘right stuff”  you’re asking yourself, “Why am I not connecting with my best audience?”  There could be a simple fix.

    Think of the adage “birds of feather flock together” and how it can help you scale your business.

    Watch the video below about attracting your tribe and growing your best audience.

    There’s a transcript below too.

    In social media, just like in social situations or business networking events, people immediately gravitate to those who are like them.

    It makes us feel secure and welcome at first.

    Therefore, how you show up online as your most authentic self is critical to the first impression you make to build your audience.

    In less than 1/10th of a second people form an opinion about you based on your photo online- so why not send a dog whistle that only your best audience responds to?

    Don’t worry, you don’t fancy stuff to pull this off.

    💎 Go to to put what you learned into into action in my free 5-day challenge.

    See you there!

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hey, hey, hey, how are you guys?

    It’s Sharon here.

    I wanted to talk to you about birds

    of a feather flocking together.

    It seems really dumb and weird,

    but that old adage is true especially,

    especially when it comes to your business.

    Because what happens
    is, and if you notice,

    if you ever go to even something

    like networking events,
    business conventions,

    conferences, or mostly online,

    where people are following
    each other on social media,

    what happens is, like attracts like.

    So, if you’re someone who wants to find

    more upscale clients, who wants
    higher level opportunities,

    higher level clients,
    and you show up being

    a little more on schlumpy-dump,

    and looking like a little clueless,

    like you don’t know what you’re doing,

    or seeming self-conscious
    and really not on top of it,

    what’s gonna happen is
    you’re actually going

    to detract your best customers.

    You’re gonna actually have
    them go away from you.

    So what you wanna do, is
    when you’re showing up

    on photos, when you’re
    showing up on lives,

    is take people with you,
    because everyone likes

    someone who’s a little aspirational,

    who has something more interesting

    than sitting in the same
    office all the time.

    Provide value to the people

    so they wanna listen to you,

    but also be able to understand

    that you are a magnet for your best,

    most ideal audience.

    So how you show up in photos,
    how you show up in videos,

    actually sounds a dog whistle

    that only your best people hear

    and other people who aren’t interested

    in that type of thing,
    they will not see you.

    You will get lost in the crowd for them,

    which is exactly what you want.

    ‘Cause you wanna be able to get in

    to the right people and get away

    from the wrong people, from the noise.

    So when you’re showing
    up, you need to be able

    to position yourself in a way

    that you look like in authority,

    you’re standing in your expertise,

    and you look real, like a human being.

    That is the most important thing,

    because when you’re getting out there

    and you’re creating all
    these souped-up images

    and all these fancy branding shoots

    or you’re doing one photo that may be

    a corporate kind of photo,

    that you’re repeating time and time again,

    you end up creating photo fatigue

    for the one photo.

    And the branding photo, you’re
    actually playing yourself

    like an actor.

    You’re not connecting
    with the real people.

    So it’s critical that you show up

    as your best, real, authentic self

    so that you can be out there and attract

    your best audience, because birds

    of a feather flock together.

    And just think about it,
    even in a conference,

    so many times I’ve gone out there

    and you start looking around

    and you see these clumps of people,

    these flocks of people,
    these little cliques

    or whatever you wanna call it,

    groups of people together.

    And they’re all kind of alike,

    like you never really see the ones

    that are kind of like all earthy

    mixed in with the ones
    that are all corporate.

    It’s always like people
    gravitate to each other

    because we’re shy and
    we’re not that outgoing

    normally by nature, so it puts you

    much more at ease to be with people

    who you would assume would
    have a similar mindset to you,

    would have similar values to you.

    So it’s the same thing when you’re putting

    your photos out there, and you’re

    in this crowded feed and you’re going down

    with celebrities and thought leaders

    and big deals and people who are clueless

    and Aunt Tilly and your neighbor

    and whatever it is.

    And if someone is seeing you
    through your Instagram feed

    or seeing you through your Facebook feed

    or seeing you through
    your paid advertising,

    what’s gonna happen is they will instantly

    gravitate to the person who
    looks interesting to them,

    to the person who appeals to them,

    and then, once that 10 seconds,

    it takes one-tenth, one-tenth

    of one second for someone
    to pass judgment on you

    and once they do, then
    they’ll listen to you.

    But your photo, that’s
    your brand ambassador,

    that speaks volumes before you get

    to say a word.

    So you need to really make sure

    that as you’re getting out there

    and you’re standing out there,

    that you’re putting yourself in a way

    that people want to relate to you.

    And it’s actually kind of easy,

    because you don’t need all
    the fancy photo shoots.

    You don’t need to spend hundreds

    or thousands of dollars on
    a branding photographer.

    You don’t need to go feel uncomfortable

    with the corporate shot that goes snap

    and you all have that cheese expression.

    You need to just understand how to use

    exactly what you have,
    which is your phone.

    I’m holding one right now.

    And take your pictures
    and do it your own way.

    And there’s some techniques,
    of course, to it.

    I was a stylist for 15
    years on big photo shoots.

    I learned a lot on the other side

    of the camera, and it
    was really hard for me

    as an entrepreneur going out there

    as the face of my brand, but reality TV

    paved the way.

    Influences pave the way so that you

    can no longer hide and
    do all this other stuff

    that’s now like so three years ago,

    five years ago, two years ago,

    of these really overdone branding shoots.

    If you wanna have them
    because it gives you

    an ego boost and you think it’s cool,

    that’s okay.

    But do it like 20% of the time.

    The rest of the time
    you need to just learn

    how to connect.

    And if you wanna learn
    how to connect in photos,

    I have a five-day
    challenge that’s coming up.

    It’s totally free and all you need to do

    is go over to

    and I will hook you up with what you need

    to get started in the
    free five-day challenge,

    so you can go out there and attract

    your best, most profitable audience

    by being the best at being you

    in a natural, easy, non-stressful way

    that won’t cost you a fortune

    in getting other people involved.

    You’ll just learn the skills
    you need to get started

    to get out there.

    So that’s

    and listen, don’t miss out on this!

    All the celebrities are doing,

    entrepreneurs are late to the game.

    So you’re gonna be having the
    unfair advantage on this one.


    See you there!



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