How to use your client value ladder to stop attracting the wrong prospects [Video]

Great things happen step by step up the client value ladder.

The Client Value Ladder: How to have your clients GROW with you (because your content + offers calls out to them)

Hello from steamy Williamsburg, Brooklyn!  Are you attracting the WRONG prospects and feel scattered in creating a batch of disjointed content and product offers?

As entrepreneurs it’s too easy to want to create MORE stuff so you can help more people, do more things.

However, if you’re not STRATEGIC you can end up with a lot of DETACHED products and services… and LAUNCHES that flatline. (insert freaked out and exhausted face)

Now, you don’t need to offer only ONE thing but there should be ONE path.

What you do is create a Client Value LADDER and a complimentary CONTENT Ladder to take them through the exact path.

Learn how to to do it with my real examples in the video below:

Your client value ladder includes everything from your free lead magnets to premium services that should help someone as they SCALE on their CLIENT JOURNEY.

This methodology was particularly instrumental as I REBRANDed from fashion, beauty and style to what actually FUELS the growth and visibility in your business/

I love the YIN AND YANG of the behind the scenes mechanics for face of your brand businesses, but they do need to come together in a very holistic way to actually make sense to your tribe.

Offer ascensions along my client value ladder as mentioned in the video:

Grab your free seat to AUTHENTICSUPERSTAR.COM

Video Transcription

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Hello, hello, hello.

I’m coming in live,

I might be sideways.

I don’t know why it’s
not gonna correct itself,

but we’re gonna go with it.

Anyway guys, I wanted
to come in right now.

I’m here in the Brooklyn Waterfront.

That’s Manhattan behind me.

It’s super hot.

I’m trying to be under a tree.

And we’re gonna do this,

I wanted to show you this
really beautiful area.

But the question of the day is.

What to do, what products to develop,

how to create a launch
to build your business.

So if you are a coach or a
consultant or an entrepreneur

that’s either just starting
out or wanting to scale

and realizing that you keep
reinventing the wheel each time,

and you’re really trying
to figure out what products

you should add to your content
and library for your clients

so that you can have offerings
to provide them with,

to help them, this is gonna be for you.

So for you newbie guys, I’m Sharon Haywood


Site was founded in 1999 and
I helped other smart, savvy

and skilled entrepreneurs
who realized they need more

than expertise to stand
out in a crowded market.

But what happens is sometimes,

particularly with the
entrepreneurial brain,

we just want to keep doing
more and more and more,

and it gets to the point
where we just never feel

like we accomplished anything.

So let me try to stop that

and help you out just a little bit.

So when you’re doing
products for your clients,

which we’re in the process of
really trying a whole bunch

of things right now that
are coming out very soon.

What you want to do is you want

to be able to create products

that help your ideal target
audience go up the ladder,

that they are able to go maybe
from point A to point Z plus.

So the way you do that is you
probably want to start out

with something either free
or very very inexpensive.

And if it’s inexpensive you
kinda call that a tripwire.

So what happens is if it’s free,

you’re gonna be getting
people and helping them,

and you’re gonna be able
to come in and say things

like this is really cool, this is great,

and you give them your best stuff

because why hold it back,
you want to help them, right.

And they’re saying this
is great, this is free,

this is wonderful, why not.

So the kind of things you could
develop is what we’ve been

doing is perhaps a PDF.

You can get that at

And that is a very very
beautifully designed PDF

to give you the key points
to look great in photos.

Or you could be doing a white paper.

We have that with the selfie infographic.

I don’t have the URL for it right now,

but I’ll drop it in the comments below.

So those are two PDF’s,

two freebies that will help somebody,

and then they will start
to go into your world.

The next thing you can do is
what we’re doing right now,

and that is the authentic
superstar challenge.

Now that’s over at,

and it’s a free five day
challenge to get people in,

so over the course of five days,

they will learn more about you,

and you will be helping them.

You will be engaging with them,

you will be increasing the
no lag and stress factor

that they’ll want to go to the next level,

so something like that
is deeper than the PDF,

it also creates an
enormous amount of work.

What you can also do
on something like that

is you can charge a small fee,

seven dollars, 37 dollars,
whatever you want,

where it has a value on it.

You can sell it for more,

but you can also charge a small fee,

cause then you end up getting customers

and not just looking loots.

So right now we’re offering
authentic super star for free


but it won’t be for long.

And then you just test
your market, you know,

and see if you’re getting a
different type of customer

for the seven dollars as
opposed to the one that’s free.

And then the next thing you
do is you create a basic kind

of course to get them there.

So you create a course that is something,

I prefer it to be something

that someone who’s a total newbie,

or it’s a skill set that somebody
who’s way more experienced

can, you know, needs to know how to do.

So for that we’re gonna be launching

the simply amazing head shots program

that can go on a wait list at,

and that will give you
really solid branding advice,

and how to be authentic in photos

and in videos and everything I do,

authenticity is really
key because people relate

to real people and therefore,
they’re gonna relate to you

even if you have one of
those really super super

joused up hyper polished kind of photos,

that’s just as beautiful,
but probably not giving you

the right audience.

And then after that, say, okay,

now they now how to look great in photos.

Now they know how to position themselves

in the program.

Now they know how to brand themselves

and take their own photos
in simplyamazingheadshots.

Well maybe they need to
take this and translate this

into a video workshop that
will be coming up as well.

Because with a video, before
ever, ever take a video,

you need to get your photos straight,

cause they’re gonna set up this shot,

they’re gonna help you with composition,

they’re gonna be your thumbnails,

and they’re also gonna be
something that you need

to use these photos for other things,

for memes, for blog posts, for
whatever it is, quote cards.

So it all follows up.

The next thing is, what you
add is something to the layer

of that’s more maybe actionable

that you are able to then say,

I have all this content,
how do I create it?

What’s my example?

So we’re creating the
content creation course.

And in that you will learn
to do exactly what we do

to create a tremendous amount of content

in the smallest amount of time

with the least amount of work.

There is a key to that.

So that takes them there,

and you’re like, okay,
I’m doing all this stuff

to get you front facing camera.

Then what about how you
show up, how you look.

So then my signature program,
the sayshe crash course

that’s over at,
no it’s just,

will teach you how to be your own stylist

cause I was once a stylist for
15 years on big photo shoots

and brand shoots.

So that will get you front facing.

And then what we’re gonna
be launching later on

is gonna be how do you take all of this

to the even next level.

So we’ll be doing retreats
and live workshops

and no, no, no, possibly some
kind of master minding-esque

program, not to keen, not
sure on how that’s gonna go

right yet, but something
that’s much more high level

to get you to the next step.

So that’s kind of how
content ascension works.

And it’s just basically, instead
of creating a whole bunch

of random things all over the place,

you create things that
are kind of like a ladder,

like a step ladder.

You got on the first step,
you go to the second step,

you go to the third step,
and it gets you up there.

And by doing it with different
price points as well,

not only does the content
get deeper and more advanced,

but also, it builds the
bond with your audience,

that they will be willing to
spend more money with you,

cause they’ve gotten results on one,

they get results in the next.

So I hope this helps you guys.

And if you have any questions
on how to build programs

and how to really monetize
what you’re doing right now

in a more in depth way,

drop a comment below and I will
either answer you right here

or I’ll use it in another video coming up,

but that’s it.

You know, so it’s just that’s
how we do it as an example,

and I’d love to know how you do it to.

But like no promotional things below,

that’s kinda not cool,

but you could tell us how you’re doing it.

Okay, so let me give
you a little tour here.

Let’s see if I can turn you around.

So you see, oh there’s a
boat going out over there.

That’s the uptown part of
the New York City skyline.

There’s a ferry boat there,

no that’s actually the circle line.

Right now, you should
be seeing Empire State,

and there’s some housing,
and then right there,

you should have the
Freedom Tower, the bridge,

some pilings, and that
back there is Brooklyn.

So got me here, anyway.

So that’s it,

so the best place for
you to start right now


so go over there, and let me know,

like how you build your products,

how you’re doing it.

I just, it’s just so easy
to build too many things,

and then what you do
also is as this works,

I highly suggest you build
in as an evergreen way,

so people could come to
you whenever they want,

and then you can offer it special ways,

different times of the year as well.

It makes it just that much easier.

So anyway, that’s it, I’m gonna get,

the sun is killing me,

and I’m gonna sign off

before I get really sweaty in all this.

So I’m gonna see you guys soon,

hope it helps,

and let me know like where you’re at

in your course creation,

and where you need the most
help on in your business.

And also, by the way, I’m
in Williamsburg right now,

and I’m kind of missing two things here.

I’m missing an entire sleeve of tattoos,

and I’m missing a baby stroller.

That seems to be required around here.

Anyway guys, I will see you soon.

Take care, bye bye.

Whoops, I’m gonna to
finish you right here.

I can’t see cause I got sun.

Okay, see you soon.


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