Comfort Marketing: Do you want to grow your audience so you can get more sales from your videos? [Video]

use comfort marketing in your videos to grow your business

If your video engagement is falling flat, try what’s working now: Comfort Marketing…

Way less caloric than comfort food and far more lucrative.

If you want to sell more stuff…. the secret sauce is having your audience feel that they know you so well….

They really like you.

Trust you.

And in these wacky times, you’re both comforting and helpful to them… not a plastic stranger.

You’ve probably heard that you gotta get on video, however…

Most people get this part wrong.

Watch the video to find out why…

It’s because…

They think doing video means reading a script like a robot or being so slick that everyone knows it’s make-believe.

What you want to do if you really want to be magnetic is to be authentic….

In your marketing, in your content, in your videos….

First you connect, then you convert…

The comfort is what makes you human.

How do you do it?

You follow frameworks so you know what to say and how to say it. You know the set and setting and how you should up..

Then the magic happens…

The framework is called Video QuickStarter

It’s the short term business growth strategy that brings long term results… even from home.

Here are a few of things I share in Video QuickStarter:

✅ The sweet “secret” to guaranteeing your success on camera with easy to follow frameworks so that you never sound stiff and scripted.

✅ How using your phone or computer to create videos is like bees to honey for your best audience to relate to you without getting turned off.

✅ How to charge MORE than your competitors by simply looking your worth.

✅ How to build rapport and increase your know, like, and trust bond so you are the obvious solution to their problem when they are ready to buy.

✅ How to create more videos and film less! No need to reinvent the wheel and do more videos when you use this pro tactic to multiply your content!

This is merely a fraction of what I share to make your life easier, more productive and more lucrative with video. You can get everything, here.
If you ever heard the truism, money loves speed. The same goes for video!

I packed with exactly what you need to devour all the content in ONE day…

By this time tomorrow, or even later tonight, you can…

Put the techniques and frameworks in Video QuickStarter to practice so you can…

Grow your business, attract new customers, establish your brand on video, even if you’re not techie or never held a camera in your hand…

I got you covered!

BTW: If you should decide to go further, this is a marketing test and the offer can go away at any time… so grab it for a steal now!

Go to:

If you want to learn more about staying afloat, launching your brand and growing your business with video, even from home.


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