Video Marketing: Connection Matters More Than Perfection… [Video]

Connection Over Perfection Helps You Scale Your Brand By Being Consistently Visible

If Connection Matters More Than Perfection, What’s Holding You Back?

Are you feeling a little perplexed getting out there and connecting with your tribe while you’re working from home?🤪

Now, more than ever, people are on social media consuming an unheard of amount of content.

It makes sense, right?

Being home and watching…

Well, just watching is fine if you have a job to get back to when all this is over.💪🏼

But for the rest of us who are small business owners, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs…

THIS is the time to be consistently visible…👁

To be providing value…💥

To be getting and keeping the attention of our audience…🚀

The way to effectively do just that is video…📺

A recent report (post pandemic) shows that content on Instagram and Facebook are also seeing a 36% increase!!!!



If using video is out of your comfort zone…

This is exactly the moment when you need to get out of your own way…

So you can come out of this better than when it all started.

The best part is…

To authentically connect with your audience, you’ve got to be real…

That is….

All you need is your phone or computer!

And the framework to know what to say, how to say it for each different type of video.

I’ve got you!

I created so you can easily and effectively get going with video now….

Even from home.

I know times are tough so I made it an incredibly affordable low price even though it’s packed with value.

I want you to succeed. Cause if you win, we all win.

Go to….


Video Transcription

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00:00:01.00]Hello, hello, hello my friends.

[00:00:03.02]I wanted to come in super fast today.

[00:00:05.06]I’m just holding my
phone over by my window

[00:00:09.02]‘coz I got a meeting in like two minutes,

[00:00:11.02]but I just wanted to let you know that

[00:00:12.05]if you’re having any problems,

[00:00:13.08]are you having any problems with video?

[00:00:15.05]Are you feeling confused?

[00:00:16.05]Are you feeling overwhelmed?

[00:00:17.09]Are you feeling like you
don’t wanna be taking a class

[00:00:20.08]and just like bogged
down but you know that

[00:00:23.08]especially right now more than ever,

[00:00:27.06]that you need to be able
to talk to your tribe

[00:00:30.01]to get ahead using video

[00:00:32.02]but feeling really confused.

[00:00:36.08]Does that sound familiar?

[00:00:38.05]Well, listen, I wanna help you out.

[00:00:39.09]I don’t wanna bombard you
with a six week course

[00:00:43.01]on how to learn video,
I want you to be able

[00:00:45.08]to get the preliminaries,
get everything you need,

[00:00:48.08]the frameworks of scripts,

[00:00:50.08]the types of videos that you do need now,

[00:00:53.07]get it in and get it out

[00:00:54.09]and be able to go to the next level.

[00:00:59.01]If you go to,

[00:01:02.03]you’ll find it’s really simple.

[00:01:04.05]I didn’t even do a whole fancy page,

[00:01:06.06]it’s just like you’ll want it or not.

[00:01:08.06]It’s really crazy, affordable.

[00:01:11.04]Something like this if it
was a six week program,

[00:01:13.07]would easily be I don’t know,
about $600, $900 if not more,

[00:01:18.07]but I didn’t wanna make
it through modules,

[00:01:21.00]I wanted to make it so
you can just get in,

[00:01:23.00]get the information you need,

[00:01:24.07]make it super affordable,

[00:01:26.03]make it super effective and
just really help you out

[00:01:29.08]particularly right now
when you are needing video.

[00:01:33.03]And show you just how simple it is.

[00:01:35.01]So go to,

[00:01:37.04]what you’d be getting a
90 minute audio from me.

[00:01:39.08]Yes, I know it’s video and it’s an audio

[00:01:41.09]‘coz I don’t want you
sitting, I want you to move,

[00:01:44.07]take the audio, put it in
your ears, go for a walk,

[00:01:48.06]sit at your desk, be able to move.

[00:01:52.00]Listen to the information,

[00:01:53.06]you’ll get with it a PDF.

[00:01:55.09]I can’t remember how many pages it is

[00:01:57.04]but it’s pretty thick
of all sorts of scripts

[00:02:00.09]and frameworks that you need,

[00:02:02.02]the different types of videos broken down,

[00:02:04.04]so that you are able to print it out

[00:02:06.05]or read it from your iPad or tablet

[00:02:08.05]and have a reference that you can look at

[00:02:12.01]before you go live.

[00:02:14.02]Now, the more you do this,

[00:02:15.08]the more familiar you
are, the more comfortable

[00:02:19.02]and confident of knowing
how to set up your shot.

[00:02:21.09]Knowing what to say,
knowing how to get in there,

[00:02:24.07]knowing how to bring your tribe with you

[00:02:26.02]to be able to generate
emotion and feeling,

[00:02:29.07]the more you don’t need
this you could just go on

[00:02:32.02]and hit the ground running.

[00:02:33.07]So I’m making it simple,

[00:02:36.04], crazy affordable.

[00:02:40.05]It’s just to help everyone out right now

[00:02:42.01]when you’re needing time
to be able to go live.

[00:02:45.03]And you can.

[00:02:46.03]I just wanna show you how
easy it is right now again,

[00:02:48.07]I’m in my living room.

[00:02:49.07]My husband’s been home from work.

[00:02:52.01]It’s like a mess behind me
but the light is right here.

[00:02:55.00]So I’m coming in here.

[00:02:56.00]I’m holding the phone,

[00:02:58.07]I’m doing it the wrong way.

[00:02:59.09]I’m holding the phone with this hand.

[00:03:03.06]I’m leaning against my window.

[00:03:05.04]I don’t even have a headset on today.

[00:03:07.06]I just wanna show you how easy it is,

[00:03:09.03]yes, you could use your iPad,

[00:03:11.01]your air earbuds whatever you call them.

[00:03:13.04]You can use a lavalier mic.

[00:03:16.02]Yes, you can use a stand up mic.

[00:03:18.04]You can do whatever you want.

[00:03:19.03]But you could also make it easy

[00:03:21.05]with exactly what you have
at hand, this very second,

[00:03:24.08]so you don’t lose traction.

[00:03:26.03]You can build in engaging audience

[00:03:28.04]and you don’t have to
freak out and it’s cheap.

[00:03:33.04]I made a video quick
starter super cheap for you

[00:03:36.05]because I wanna eliminate any overwhelm,

[00:03:40.02]I wanna eliminate any
excuses, any self doubt,

[00:03:43.02]so you can get there right now

[00:03:45.02]and be able to make your videos soon,

[00:03:49.02]like 10 minutes, an hour,

[00:03:51.05]whenever you finish doing it quickly.

[00:03:54.02]So, see
you over, there super cheap.

[00:03:57.08]That’s all I have to do.

[00:03:58.06]If you have any other video questions

[00:04:00.00]or photo branding questions

[00:04:01.07]or any of the visual message
questions or storytelling,

[00:04:04.00]don’t forget to leave it
in the comments below.

[00:04:08.06]I made this an offer you can’t refuse,

[00:04:10.04]so, see you there.


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