How to Grow Your Business From Where You Are… With Video! [Video]

How to grow your business from where you are with Video

So what’s you biggest struggle with video right now?

I probably can make it all easy-peasy… ’cause I’ve been there and done THAT!


There really is something to be said about simplification and NOT taking a ride on the roller coaster of overwhelm!

It is really TOO common for “video gurus” to over amp what you really need to grow your business… to prove THEIR worth.

EXCEPT they are doing it all wrong…

And it’s why their followers are losing a lot of money.

Video should be natural, deliver value, and elevate the know like, and trust, bond for the viewer.

For you… it should be natural, stress free, and deliver a ton of value to your audience.


Getting rid of the stress and overwhelm is the SECRET for you to stop planning and start doing…

It’s the secret for you to make video both EASY and LUCRATIVE…

Both… In the new normal today…

And everyday you want to relate to your most aligned audience as a human being… not a sales machine robot (eeeck).

I’ve OVER trained because I was told I had to and it made me neurotic.

Once I stripped the b.s. away right down to the FRAMEWORKS I could be me, get my message out there and basically only use my phone as my convenient “broadcast center.”

I didn’t need a 979 week course or a 3-day “selling from the stage” event to show me how…

I picked up my phone and just did it… because I knew the FRAMEWORKS.

I took EVERYTHING that made my life easier to hit the right marks on video and wrapped it up at VIDEOQUICKSTARTER.COM.

It’s so simple that you can start creating your own videos for social media, marketing, and sales TONIGHT.

Totally straightforward and fluff-free.

👉Check it out at

There’s a special something because of the times we’re in. I want to make sure that everyone can get there business out there now… so I made it a no-brainer.

Who loves ya baby!

👉See you at

Video Transcription

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[00:00:00.03] Hello, hello there. [00:00:02.05] I’m coming in super-fast [00:00:04.00] because I’ve been getting this a lot [00:00:05.09] and I know I can help you out. [00:00:07.04] How can you grow your business from where you are, [00:00:10.07] which is probably home during quarantine, right? [00:00:14.01] Using exactly what you have, [00:00:16.07] and not feeling like a complete, like nincompoop, [00:00:20.02] like you don’t know where to start, [00:00:21.05] you don’t know what to do. [00:00:22.09] You don’t wanna get stressed out [00:00:24.02] because we are all going through so much stress right now. [00:00:27.04] You wanna just do it easy, right? [00:00:29.08] So, one of the best things that you can do right now, [00:00:33.03] right now, in this time more than ever before [00:00:36.06] and it was really being the big shift before, [00:00:39.08] is doing video to connect and grow your business, right? [00:00:44.06] But, let’s say, listen, before I forget guys, [00:00:46.09] go over to, [00:00:49.00] ’cause I got something special there [00:00:50.01] and I don’t wanna forget it [00:00:51.05] in my train of thought, [00:00:54.04] But right now, while you’re home, [00:00:56.07] while you’re in quarantine, [00:00:58.05] you don’t have a videographer crew. [00:01:00.09] You never did video before. [00:01:02.07] You maybe did live events, you were a speaker, [00:01:05.07] you were out there, but now you’re here [00:01:09.05] and so is everyone else. [00:01:11.03] We all have cruddy quarantine nails. [00:01:14.01] We all have bad, stringy hair right now. [00:01:17.04] Maybe a couple of roots too. [00:01:19.02] It’s normal and it’s okay. [00:01:21.05] So how do you get out there? [00:01:24.01] Well, you be real. [00:01:25.02] Just like what I’m doing with you right now, [00:01:27.01] I’m connecting with you, it’s really simple, [00:01:29.09] I have my phone hooked up to my window in my living room. [00:01:33.06] You could see kinda the mess behind me [00:01:35.05] because we’re pulling out some closets. [00:01:37.01] I did put on a new top today, [00:01:40.03] which I bought before quarantine. [00:01:41.08] I’m going gonna tell you that. [00:01:43.06] But the reason is because I also ordered this necklace [00:01:46.07] and I wanted you to see how it went, I’m like it looks good. [00:01:49.05] Other than that, I’m the same as I’ve been during quarantine [00:01:52.09] when I’m coming on for other videos. [00:01:55.00] But what the difference is between me and so many of you, [00:01:58.02] which I can help you overcome [00:02:00.00] and get to the same point with ease, [00:02:02.02] is that I was a stylist for 15 years [00:02:04.04] and I know how to like put on the tzuj when I have to [00:02:08.06] and it doesn’t take that much more than real life. [00:02:12.04] I also know from being behind the scenes [00:02:16.00] on so many shoots for so many years, [00:02:18.02] how to create connection with an audience. [00:02:21.04] What you need to do to grow a brand. [00:02:24.00] But when it was me like the real human being, [00:02:27.00] it was kind of scary. [00:02:28.08] Especially, you know, I’m an only child. [00:02:31.00] I’ve run my own business since 1999 online. [00:02:34.07] I’m used to knowing how to do everything myself, [00:02:38.01] but when it comes to photography equipment [00:02:40.06] and video equipment and production and all of that, [00:02:44.02] I mean my eyeballs start to bleed and I wanna go crazy [00:02:47.02] and I know a lot of people feel the same way. [00:02:50.02] So I figured out a methodology [00:02:52.08] which really works and absolutely converts [00:02:55.08] just not for me, but for clients [00:02:57.07] and whatever you hear as advertising reports out there [00:03:00.06] for all the big gurus [00:03:01.08] and the influencers who are doing it now. [00:03:03.06] And also if you just watch TV, right? [00:03:05.08] Everybody is at home. [00:03:07.09] Everybody right now is doing it at home. [00:03:10.08] So when you’re doing it at home [00:03:12.08] and it’s the broadcast networks that be doing it, [00:03:15.08] when it is celebrities that are doing it. [00:03:17.05] When you’re a business person, an entrepreneur, [00:03:19.06] a female entrepreneur, [00:03:21.04] someone who’s a speaker who’s trying to connect [00:03:24.00] in this new world of being online now, [00:03:26.02] a coach, a lifestyle coach, a business coach, [00:03:28.08] a personal coach, an author, [00:03:31.00] and you’re trying to use a method [00:03:32.05] that’s different from you now [00:03:33.05] and you’re not feeling like it’s right [00:03:35.07] and you tryna be perfect. [00:03:38.00] Well, that’s where the biggest mistake is [00:03:39.08] ’cause you don’t have to be perfect, right? [00:03:42.00] Perfect is wrong. [00:03:43.06] What people wanna see now is like the ultimate connection, [00:03:47.04] the ultimate realness of you at home, [00:03:50.02] sharing wisdom, sharing helpful advice [00:03:52.09] to help them improve their day, [00:03:55.05] entertain them in a way [00:03:56.09] because they’re all stuck in the house [00:03:58.05] with terrible cabin fever. [00:04:00.04] And entertain them in a way [00:04:02.01] that makes learning interesting [00:04:03.09] so that when they come out of this [00:04:05.02] on the other side of this, [00:04:07.00] they actually learn more than when they went into it. [00:04:10.03] So if you’re using a videographer now [00:04:13.01] and you’re using these very highly produced [00:04:15.09] perfect video shoots, [00:04:17.06] you’re really giving yourself a disservice [00:04:19.07] because it shows that you kinda, you know, [00:04:21.07] you kinda have a deaf ear to everyone else’s problems [00:04:25.00] because everyone else, including the TV shows [00:04:27.06] and the networks, they’re all doing things at home. [00:04:31.02] And now is the time if you wanna add a little boost [00:04:33.08] to your videos with advertising, [00:04:35.08] before election starts, [00:04:37.05] before all the brick and mortar stores [00:04:39.03] come back into business, [00:04:40.09] ad rates are actually much lower right now. [00:04:43.04] So now’s your time to build your audience, [00:04:45.05] to engage your audience, [00:04:47.01] to get out of your little niche so that you can get [00:04:49.08] to the next level using what you have [00:04:52.06] and not being afraid that you don’t know. [00:04:55.07] What you wanna be afraid of is [00:04:57.05] you don’t wanna come across kind of like clueless, [00:05:01.00] and where, “Can you see my roots? [00:05:03.01] “Huh? [00:05:04.00] “Am I on? [00:05:05.03] “Do you hear me? [00:05:07.03] “I was gonna say…” [00:05:10.05] You don’t wanna do that ever. [00:05:12.05] You wanna be able to speak confidently to your audience [00:05:15.07] in your expertise, speak with certainty, [00:05:18.04] stand with poise [00:05:19.08] and be able to create value for your audience, right? [00:05:23.07] You wanna be able to naturally, organically create value [00:05:27.08] in a way of what’s going on right now in the world [00:05:31.08] with being at home, right? [00:05:34.03] So you don’t wanna stand still. [00:05:35.07] You don’t wanna lose this opportunity [00:05:38.03] and be sitting there binging out on Netflix. [00:05:40.06] You wanna be able [00:05:41.07] to have people start binging out on your content [00:05:45.00] so that you can be there to help them every part of the way. [00:05:49.05] Cause we’re in this for a long time [00:05:51.03] and we’re in this together, right? [00:05:54.00] So I can help you with that. [00:05:55.07] You go over to [00:05:58.05] I wanna show you one of the things we’ve done. [00:06:00.02] We’re gonna see, can you see this? [00:06:02.05] This pretty little page, right? [00:06:05.05] Let me try giving you what you’re gonna see. [00:06:08.05] This is an experiment [00:06:10.03] because first of all, the price is an experiment. [00:06:12.05] I didn’t mention that today. [00:06:13.07] I made VideoQuickStarter, super inexpensive right now. [00:06:16.08] I don’t know how long it’s a marketing test. [00:06:19.00] I don’t know how long it’s gonna go. [00:06:20.08] I’m just trying to see how it lands with people right now. [00:06:26.00] And then I’ll probably raise the price. [00:06:27.06] It would be $247 but I think it’s like, [00:06:31.05] I don’t know it’s, I’m not sure. [00:06:33.05] It’s definitely under 50. [00:06:34.08] So, here you go, there’s the page, right? [00:06:40.02] It’s really pretty. [00:06:42.00] And it’ll just get through it. [00:06:45.04] And I really break down what you need [00:06:48.06] in today’s market to really reach your audience, right? [00:06:54.05] And I built the whole sales page myself too, by the way. [00:06:58.01] So I’m not totally alone. [00:07:00.06] I do have help, but I like to really go in there [00:07:03.05] and do everything first step to help you. [00:07:05.09] So I can help show you how to do it, [00:07:08.01] and little bit of a control freak. [00:07:10.00] But anyway and it also makes it easier [00:07:11.07] when you learn how to do things yourself [00:07:13.04] so that when you do hire out [00:07:15.00] and when this is the other end of it [00:07:16.08] and you think you want to use a videographer, [00:07:19.03] then that you know the skills you’re able to convey [00:07:22.01] what you need. [00:07:23.00] But I’ll tell you right now, more than any other time, [00:07:27.05] you probably are not gonna go use videographers. [00:07:31.06] You’re probably not wanna go through the stress [00:07:33.08] and the overwhelm of creating a shoot at least for a while. [00:07:38.01] Because as long as the whole world is wrapped up [00:07:40.05] and life is not normal, [00:07:42.03] the new normal is what people are striving for [00:07:44.09] more than anything. [00:07:46.00] And that’s real human connection. [00:07:48.00] And we’re all at home. [00:07:49.09] So learn how to make the most of your home [00:07:51.06] with what you have, your phone, right? [00:07:53.09] So I’ll see you over at [00:07:56.05] Let me know if you have any questions. [00:07:58.03] And it’s really great, it’s an awesome product [00:08:01.09] and it’ll help you get more revenue, [00:08:06.00] build your audience scale right now during this time, [00:08:09.03] using what you have, [00:08:10.07] being empathetic to the audience [00:08:12.05] and not being tone deaf, trying to put out stuff [00:08:14.06] that people aren’t really feeling right now. [00:08:17.01] They’re not digging all this fancy slick stuff. [00:08:19.02] What they’re wanting is people who are just like them. [00:08:22.05] So I can help you, [00:08:23.03] [kissing sound] [00:08:24.08] Can’t wait to see your next videos. [00:08:26.08] Let me know.

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