Want A Secret To Stop Overthinking And Be More EFFECTIVE?

Stop overthinking

Your BEST ideas come in the moment.

It’s a moment based on years, decades of EXPERIENCE. Today I’ll be touching on one of my best hacks to stop overthinking in its tracks and get your best work out in less time. 

Give me a “hell yeah” if you ever sat down to create something and spent hours staring at a computer only to spit out the most boring crud in the world!!! 

OVERTHINKING is a curse that holds you back from reaching your goals…

OVERTHINKING is what causes murky design and turgid copy..

I’m so deadline oriented that with a due date looming, I create my best work…

Punchier copy.

More compelling design.

Perfectly executed projects.


I set a deadline (being former newspaper columnist and stylist… deadlines are in my blood).

This is KEY: I work when the idea hits me- even if it’s pre-coffee (like right now).

I set it down.

If it’s small, I cross it off my list.

If it’s big, I walk away.

Come back and edit, prune it down, be in love with revisions…

But chunk it out so you only finesse/edit one thought at a time.

Just like a good outfit, LESS IS MORE.

But sometimes you need to chop at the whole mountain to find the GOLD. 

Are you ready to get out of your own way? Get started today!

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