Designing a Personal Brand With Your Personality: What’s The First Thing You Need To Look At?

How to you add interest to your personal brand design so its reflective of your true personality..

I’m often asked about where to start when designing the look and feel of a personal brand with personality.

It’s the same as your home… it’s the same as your wardrobe…

Your business… your brand design is an extension of who you are.

It reflects what you gravitate to … what puts a smile on your face… what’s relevant to you.

It doesn’t always need to be exact as we are multifaceted.

Our loft in Manhattan is a series of city vignettes…. our place in Jackson Hole, WY is very western.

Yet each reflect the combined style of Hubbs and me.

Actually the new site has the same lead color as my kitchen.

If you authentically create a style that is iconic to you… your unique fingerprint will be on EVERYTHING you touch.

The colors will compliment each other… the vibe will be aligned… the visual storytelling will lock together.

So instead of losing yourself and your individuality by plunking yourself in front of a soulless backdrop for your next video, or renting a set for your next Photoshoot, DO YOU!

You build the bond with your audience when you share the real you…

Designing your brand can be that simple too. 

This is an off the cuff snap of what you first see when you step off the elevator into our home.

I took this quick iphone photo as  I brought in the heavy Amazon water delivery and thought of you- no styling or lighting, just as it is.

It’s a little high and low, vintage and modern, texture and tactile, purposely off skew..

It brings a smile to my face when the elevator opens.

The space greets me and all those who visit and has our family style fingerprint on it.

It didn’t come overnight, but from collecting what we love so it all innately works together… because it’s what we love.

I challenge you to do the same.

Think of your business and brand as an extension of you…. that’s how your personal brand style will develop.

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