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  • Quick Tip Video: Why showing up in the power of success at a business event matters

    Quick TIp Template F -style - power of success

    As a woman entrepreneur, your first impression is really important as those few seconds become the lasting impression that people remember about you. The way you show up at business events can open up the doors to new deals or leave money on the table. Everything about your look is important – from the way you present yourself, what you wear, your hair, your makeup, your total package. If you want to be perceived as being relevant, as someone who […]

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  • Quick Tip Video: Whoops, the “Band-Aid” effect will destroy your business!

    Quick TIp Template F - Productivity -band aid effect

    Today’s Quick Tip Video: It is critical stop trying to “Band-Aid” little things together and to start looking at the whole picture for a growth mindset to achieve life, style, and business success. Sure, fixing up the things piece by piece is fine, but it won’t bring you success in the long run. You might be flipping through the fashion magazines looking for the freshest ideas for your hairdo, shoes, dresses, but if you don’t look at a whole picture […]

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  • Quick Tip Video: Entrepreneur Advice: Networking secrets to meeting new people at a business training event

    Quick TIp Template F -networking - meet people networking

    Next time you attend a business training the best way to get to know new people at a business training event is to be sure to take your time and actually have a lunch with new people. Don’t be shy. Discuss with your new friends about the lessons you’ve just learned, talk about your business and what you do for living to benefit others. This simple social gesture will bond you with these new people, expand your horizons and make […]

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  • Quick Tip Video: Stop Whining, Start Celebrating … You

    Quick TIp Template F - motivation -stop whinig-2

    OMG, it is so easy to fall into the trap of complaining about the things and about you that you don’t find satisfactory. Here’s my advice, stop whining and start celebrating. Until you get out of the trap of feeling sorry for yourself you are never going to get into the mindset to present yourself in the way that makes you feel confident and able to achieve anything.

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  • Quick Tip Video: The difference between an elevator pitch and a bio

    Quick TIp Template F - BUsiness - elevator pitch -2

    When you tell the world about what you do you really need to keep in mind that there’s two different ways of talking about your career capabilities. There is the obvious short bio which with your achievements and there’s also the elevator pitch that’s a little less formal and a lot more about the value and the benefit of what you deliver. Sometimes it gets confusing as to when to use which or even to combine both. In this quick […]

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  • Video Tips: Don’t do this unless you want to look dated in webcams…

    Quick TIp Template F - style - webcams-2

    WebCams, videos, livestreams are a big part of our business communication these days. In a digital world you don’t want to be stuck looking like your stuck in an analog world. There’s a few tell tale signs that you really are snoozing at the wheel when it comes to how you present yourself online… Watch today’s quick to find out how to look relevant and modern on webcam.

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  • Quick Tip Video: The Importance Of Rituals In Your Life

    Quick TIp Template F - LIFe style - rituals -2

    It’s really easy to get stuck in being so busy and forgetting what life has to offer. Sometimes it’s the little rituals in your life that really help you hall mark each evening. In this video, I’ll talk about one of my family’s favorite rituals… Spending time in Wyoming!

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