Client Attraction: When They’re Not Your Raving Fans [Video]


When they’re NOT your raving fan…

Went to a concert last night and it got me thinking what happens when you’re in front of your wrong audience.

The rest of the audience, just me. I was miserable but not the other 18,000ish people there.

That’s because they were raving fans and I’d rather escape to record this video for you.

What’s key to client attraction is that everyone doesn’t have to like you- that’s how you draw a line in the sand to who your best audience is and who they are not.

It’s a good thing.

Watch the video and let me know what your favorite music is in the comment.

If you need help in authentically attracting your most aligned audience, I can probably help you.

You see, it starts with a photo.

That measly, seemingly insignificant image is what represents 90% of what people think of you (before reading).

It happens in 1/0th of a second online.

So go over to and enroll now while it’s free.

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