My Vlogging Tips: How to create videos for youtube and social media [Quick Tips Video]

Watch today’s video for my behind-the-scenes vlogging tips on how I make quick videos on my computer for Youtube and social media– and why I like recorded videos over livestream.

Lately, one of my top frequently asked questions is how I make the Quick Tips videos that I use as content here on FocusOnStyle for video blogging, youtube, and social media videos rather than solely written blog content.

I’ve been asked if I record my one-take videos in clumps, one at a time, on the go, or just when inspiration strikes.

The answer is all of the above.

That being said, the best way to get your message across is to schedule some time to chunk them out by recording small batches of videos at a time to be the most productive. It also makes better use of having on your video-friendly makeup, and being sure your lights are in place.

However, inspiration can strike at any moment.

When I’m inspired and want to share the experience of where I am with you,  I love to use my iPhone and record an impromptu slice-of-life Quick Tip with available natural light, or a tiny portable ring light, and a lavalier mic.

I’ve used locations like a fab graffiti wall, a cool spot in Soho in New York, a national park in Wyoming, or a palm tree in Arizona. Sometimes, the location alone is my inspiration and I create a tip to suit the space.

But I find that when you really need to get a concise, informative message out to your audience, it’s much more effective to schedule a little time, and record a few videos while you are in both the right head space and physical space.

The reason I do this is that “chunking” really works well for me.

Blocking out time to do specific tasks is how I run my business. I chunk out time for tech tasks, writing tasks, working with coaching clients, recording podcasts, creating course content or planning the content for any of my mediums.

For instance, if I’m in a tech mood, I’ll sit down and do tech. If I have a strategy on my mind, I’ll block out time to work on the future of my business. And if I’m feeling creative, I’ll set up time to record some Quick Tips and pull out my soft box lights and ring light.

What I don’t love about live streaming is that it can break up your day and is not as efficient for being productive.

Also, many people are so apt to get the livestream going that they forget the importance of light, camera angle, audio, and looking good on camera.

You end up with a livestream that looks like you shot it from your cave and not only dilutes from your personal brand, but makes people just pass you bu.


Looking great on video is just an extension of looking great in photos.

Simply Amazing Headshots is an incredible resource to have you know how to look fantastic and on brand on camera, in any medium!

The idea of chunking is great because it gets you in the right frame of mind to complete a single type of task- it eliminates the overwhelm and procrastination that’s associated with multitasking (something I am very guilty of doing), and it gives you ample time to get your set-up right.

In terms of production, a Macbook Pro or iPhone camera and a light Is the easiest way to get started. I actually prefer these to using a fancier camera because it creates a certain intimacy and “one on one” feeling in the videos. It also saves a lot of time!

So if you are wanting to get your blog started or want to create short videos like the ones on my channel, block some time out and see what you can create.

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