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  • How to Become An Influencer: Website vs Personal Brand [Quick Tips Video]

    website vs personal brand

    Watch today’s video for my Quick Tips on building your personal brand by becoming an influencer.

    Internet trends change over time and it’s critical to stay on top so you are not left behind in the super fast-paced online world.

    These days, it’s CRITICAL to develop your personal brand to be seen as an Influence in your niche.

    Let me take you back a bit so you can go forward…

    I started my website,, back in 1999. The trends for online business and entrepreneurs were a lot different back then. The concept of personal branding was just in its infancy.

    Back in 1999, when I first I started my website,, the trends for online business and entrepreneurs were a lot different then they are now.

    The concept of personal branding was just in its infancy if almost unheard of. Therefore, my website functioned more like an online magazine. Don’t forget that I started my online business before being a blogger was even a thing.

    I wrote articles, blogged frequently, and had a shopping portal. But I was always writing in the 3rd person – behind the scenes of my brand.

    Somewhere along the way, I decided to come forward as the personality of FocusOnStyle. I came out from the behind the scenes to the forefront of my business. I became the face, the personality and the driving force behind my brand.

    Believe me, it wasn’t easy at first.

    My comfort zone was behind the camera as a stylist or as a columnist or as an entrepreneur, being the “star” was new for me. But to be seen as an expert, no matter how much credibility and experience you have, in today’s environment, you must also be seen as an influencer as the celebrity face of your brand.

    So, I stepped into my STAR Power (you can too, here.)

    Being an early adopter of the idea of a personal brand, I’ve picked up a few pointers to help bloggers or business owners take the steps to truly stepping into a personal brand and becoming an influencer:

    1) You can’t hide – a lot of times bloggers and small business owners hide behind their words because it’s safe. You can’t be an anonymous blogger and be the face of your brand… get out of that mindset and take pride in being the best at being you!

    2) You matter – People care about what you do and your personality. They want to know what you are doing, how you are thinking, and how you feel. It’s all derived authentically & naturally from who you are as a person. You need to be presenting these sometimes intimate moments because, in this social world, they matter a whole lot more than you might think.

    3) Step up how you represent yourself – It’s a visual world. People see so much more of our personal lives than ever before. You have to make sure it all looks good. Not fake, but clean and representative of how you know you deserve to be perceived to get high level clients and opportunities. Learn more about working with me so you can have this for yourself.

    I hope this helps set you free from hiding in the background. Being the best-kept secret is a sure way to not succeed. Please share this video with a friend who may need a boost

    For more information on build your personal brand, sign up for the free STAR Power Kit at https://

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