Entrepreneurship In Times Of Quarantine: How To Build Your Business in The New Normal [Video]

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The big question is what can you do for yourself as an entrepreneur to build your business now so you come out of quarantine more accomplished than when you went in.

What You Can Do “NOW” To Make “THEN” Better

  • Reframe your current situation so you future pace yourself to where you want to be once the world settles into the new normal.
  • Reverse engineer how to get there, now that you have the luxury of time to make it happen.
  • Get Scrappy… get strategic… watch the video for more.

Sooo, let’s consider what do you need to do now to be more accomplished when the world starts to get back to normal?

  • Is there a skill you know you need to learn to improve your business?
  • Do you need to pivot your business model from IRL to more digital?
  • Is there a hobby that will make your heart sing?
  • What have you been putting off?

Now is the time to buckle down and stop saying “some day,” because “some day” is finally on your calendar!

So what are you doing now to make then better?

Bonus Style Tip:

Here’s a stylist tip on dangling earrings. I’m on a big earring jag these days, it’s kinda one of the few ways to tzuj up at home.

USUALLY, when you’re on stage or in videos, you don’t want to wear earrings that move about as they are distracting from what you are saying and can interfere with the mic.

However… on social media you want to “stop the scroll” so you’re first frame in a video should be captivating. In this case, the gajunda earrings work..

On the topic of video… if you need help feeling confident on camera, head over to VIDEOQUICKSTARTER.COM.

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