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  • How to be Relevant: My Grandma And Your Brand [Video]

    Staying Relevant in Today's Market

    If you feel like opportunities are passing you by and wondering if you are still relevant, watch this.

    Staying  relevant in your business, in your style, and even your outlook can get a little dusty if you let it.

    We all hold certain memories and certain things dear to our heart.

    Time goes on and the memory remains.

    Here’s the thing, the memory is wonderful but in actuality that very thing can grow old and we may never even realize it.

    Talk a walk with me in Miami in this live video–  let’s talk about staying relevant and on top of your game in today’s crowded market. (Warning: Funny story & lousy impersonation included)

    I’m using this memory of my grandma as a catalyst for you to think about your visual message and authentic visual storytelling.

    It’s time to get and stay modern so yo can attract your most aligned and most profitable audience.

    Join me at – it’s free and will get you out of the image rut!

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    Video Transcription

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    Hello, hello!

    You guys want to humor me with
    a little funny story here?

    I’m in Miami…

    in Lincoln Road,

    which is quite a cool
    shopping strip right now.

    Show you a little bit on this side.

    It’s really pretty here.

    So let me tell you a funny story.

    So, when I was a little
    girl, my grandmother,

    like all old Jewish ladies used to do,

    would used to come to Miami Beach

    to find their second husbands,

    with they’re blonde mink stoles.

    And my grandmother always
    used to say, “I’m going

    “to Lincoln Road at Miami Beach.

    “I’m going to Lincoln
    Road at Miami Beach.”

    And, that was her accent,

    and what happened–

    She even used to write me letters!

    She used to write me all these letters

    and, even though she spoke
    perfect English, her…

    There’s a twig in my shoe.

    Her spelling was not the best.

    So for me to understand her sometimes,

    I had to [laughs] read her letters

    in a Russian, Yiddish accent.

    So anyway, here I am in Lincoln Road,

    and it’s really beautiful here,

    and it’s very chic.

    And when I was a little girl,

    and when my grandmother used to come here,

    it was a lot of things,

    but I don’t know if I would call it chic.

    It had a lot of chocolate-covered
    coconut patty stores

    and send oranges back home
    stores and all sorts of that,

    and now it’s just a really
    beautiful shopping mall.

    There aren’t any cars on it.

    They’re certainly going across
    it where I am right now.

    And it’s very different,

    so I wanted to also just
    let you think about–

    Looking both ways.

    Think about a new business.

    What changes?

    What’s the same, but what’s different?

    For me, this will always remind me,

    this street will always
    remind me of my grandmother.

    It will always remind me
    of being a little girl.

    It’ll always remind me
    of me coming out here

    for spring break with my friends

    when I was in high school and college,

    and it will always remind me of that,

    but it’s so different now.

    It is just so different now.

    It’s modernized, it’s beautiful,

    it’s completely different
    than it was then,

    but it’s gorgeous.

    So when it’s the same thing
    your in your business,

    there’s things that you could
    have happy memories about

    that can bring back really
    nice experiences for you,

    that you loved at one point in time.

    This banyan tree.

    That you loved in one point in time,

    but through time they’ve changed

    and you need to change with them.

    And with a lot of people
    that happens with your photo.

    You find a photo that is totally stale

    and you keep using it because
    you looked good in it once.

    It was a nice photo in its day,

    but you keep holding onto it,

    but things change, you’ve changed.

    We’ve all grown older.

    Sometimes we even look better

    when we’re older than
    when we were younger.

    Whatever it is, we need to change.

    We need to keep up to date, we need–

    Hello Leslie, hi!

    We need to stay up to date.

    We need to stay relevant

    with who we are or we get caught

    in the same old,

    old ways, then we lose out.

    So, you can’t also have
    just one photo out there

    all the time because
    it gets really boring,

    and what happens with that
    is people get something

    called photo fatigue,

    where they see the same
    photo so many times

    that they don’t even see it
    anymore, they fall asleep.

    So you need to keep things up to date,

    and you need to keep things
    modern and different,

    and you also need to have a huge variety

    and a library of photos.

    So some people might think
    that that means going out

    to getting a photographer,
    getting a branding shoot.

    That’s not what this is about at all,

    because even though those
    photos could be great,

    they’re not the real you,
    and people are only relating,

    only relating to the real you.

    They connect with real people,

    and that’s what they relate to more.

    So by getting these very staged photos,

    or these corporate photos,

    you’re actually kicking
    yourself in the foot

    when you’re putting the fourth wall up

    between you and your best customer,

    because they’re seeing
    this polished veneer

    of who you want them to
    see rather than connecting

    with the heart and soul
    of who you really are

    as a human being.

    So, I need you to do a couple of things.

    I need you to, first, realize
    that people connect to you,

    and when they connect to
    in photos, be authentic.

    Now that doesn’t mean you can
    take any old photo anywhere,

    anyplace and just put it up,
    because if looks the wrong way,

    if the background’s a little sketchy,

    if the lighting is not right,

    if you’re just not
    positioning yourself in a way

    that you would be attracting your best

    and most profitable clients,

    that photo can actually deter

    who you actually want to attract.

    So you can’t do that.

    You have to know some
    skills of set and setting,

    how to get it done, how
    to do it in the right way,

    and just how to be on
    brand for who you are

    so you don’t look like old
    fuddy-duddy all the time,

    using the same thing,

    just like the story I told you
    earlier about my grandmother.

    You know, this has happy memories to me.

    I look at this place and
    realize what it’s like here,

    but it’s very different
    than as I realize it.

    Things change, the town changed

    from 928 years ago when I was kid.

    Things changed from the 862
    years ago when I was in college.

    So you got to keep that in mind
    when you’re doing your brand

    and your business if
    you want to stay modern,

    if you want to stay relevant,

    if you want to stay on top of things.

    So I can help you out right
    now with a free challenge

    that’s starting pretty much
    when I’m back here, right?

    So I need you to go over


    Join the free five-day challenge with me,

    and I’ll show you how to
    set yourself up in photos

    that you can become your
    own magnet to your best,

    most ideal customers by
    simply, simply being you.

    Pretty cool, right?

    So see you over there, and
    thank you guys for watching now.

    I see a few people that are live.

    I know you, Leslie so…

    Hello, hello.

    Any questions?

    You want a little tour of
    where I am on Lincoln Road?

    Let me…

    Let me turn…

    you around with the sun in my eyes.

    I can never…

    Here, lets do it that way.

    [birds chirp]
    There’s somebody there…

    Cute, right?

    Anyway, that’s it guys.

    See you over at

    and just think about it, you know.

    What was relative once
    before is not relative now,

    and that will date you
    out of the industry.

    You can’t be known

    as the old cranky old
    lady there all the time

    because you’re using the same thing,

    even if it’s a few years old.

    You have to stay modern.

    You have to stay on top of
    it, and you have to change

    and have a library of photos,
    and that will be your magnet

    to attract your best audience.

    Okay guys. See you soon,

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