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Featured Media For Sharon Haver, FocusOnStyle.com- Modern business marketing expert for women entrepreneurs and personal brands so they can gain visibility through their authentic style of brand positioning.
Sharon Haver - Female Entrepreneur -Online Business Style Expert

Hi, I’m Sharon Haver

“Style is the fingerprint on EVERYTHING you do that tells the world what is uniquely you. That is why I love helping women entrepreneurs step into their STAR Power so they can fully and profitably reach their potential to soar through their life, beauty, personal development, brand + business!”

Sharon Haver knows that positioning is the new currency. 

Sharon is a modern business marketing expert for women entrepreneurs and personal brands so they can gain visibility through their authentic style of brand positioning.

She is the catalyst to next level entrepreneurs and modern business owners who realize it takes more than expertise for you and your business to stand out in a crowded market. 

Sharon channels her expertise to allow you to show up fully so you can confidently be positioned to get high-level clients and opportunities while being the best at being you.

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Sharon’s trainings come from her real world experience:

  • Accomplished three-decade career in style and entrepreneurship.
  • Her or her work have seen in the media nearly 1,000 times, including Real Simple, CNN.com, Martha Stewart Radio, Oprah.com, ELLE, WeightWatchers.com, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, WebMD, Disney Family.com, Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, and more
  • Founder and CEO of FocusonStyle.com online since 1999
  •  Former syndicated advice  columnist on the Scripps Howard News Wire where her column was distributed to400 newspapers each week.
  • 15 year veteran as a New York fashion photography stylist (styling everything from Vogue covers to making polyester sweats look chic so you would want to actually buy them)
  • As the style guru, she starred in her own national Macy’s TV commercial as herself.
  • Headlined in an anthology lifestyle book alongside other writers like President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem.
  • Holds a business degree in marketing.
  •  Author of the #1 Amazon bestseller book, StyleWORD: Fashion Quotes for Real Style
  • Host of the 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, guests include Carson Kressley, Joan Juliet Buck, Larry Winget, Dorie Clark, Alison Levine, and more.
  • Curriculum creator and has launched several modulated info-educational programs, including Simply Amazing Headshots: How to Tell Your Story From The Collar Up, Authentic Superstar, Video QuickStarter, The Content Creation Course, The C’est Chic Crash Course plus numerous masterclasses, workshops, and events.
  • Best of all, she has been her own boss for decades.

I'm dedicated to helping savvy entrepreneurs build, scale and love a thriving business that shines a light on their own unique genius.

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Content Creation Without The Headache. How to easily creating a multitude of reusable content in the least amount of time!

Sharon Haver is a Female Entrepreneur -Online Business Style Expert
modern business

Private Mentorship & Consulting. Update your business into a profit machine for today’s crowded market.

STYLEWord Book: Fashion Quotes For Real Style

The ultimate cheat sheet to upgrade your look with beauty tips, style snippets, and fashion quotes for solid image advice and motivation to elevate your everyday chic style whether you need introductory stylist advice or a wardrobe refresher.

Home Study Programs, Workshops + Intensives

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Created for Mission Driven Female Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Creatives + Small Business Owners who want to start or scale a successful lifestyle-based business by creating a personality brand that suits their style, values, and individuality with no-fluff, actionable content and straight-forward mentoring.

Multitasking Productivity Hack!!! Yup, there are days where you feel like an octopus trying to get as much done at once. The problem with multitasking is that you never feel accomplished, at least I don't. But I do have a little hack for times when you really need to get it ALL done at pretty much the same time.
Even if you’re camera shy, using video marketing to grow your brand can really be simple… when you know how. These days it seems like everyone and their uncle has video training… how do you not get overwhelmed by all the material out there? Marketing videos can be complicated if you’re in over your head with too much tech. Lucky for you, the less “professional” a video is, the more it converts these days (meaning more revenue from doing less). 99% of people who use video for marketing say they'll continue using video in 2020. With that in mind, let me show you how easy it can be to create videos for your business that connect you with your people.
Supermodel leadership might just be what you need if you want your branding photos to stand out and really engage. Good news is that it is not only less stressful and expensive than hiring a branding photos, but more effective and relevant in today’s market. Smart business people look to what their audience is watching… They are not minutia oriented to only their niche but to the Big Picture… in most cases it is entertainment and media… which is operating at home and on a phone! That is exactly why I opened the Authentic Superstar Branding Photo Challenge… and it’s free! True Confession: I always wished I could have supermodel legs like NaomiCampbell… they literally do not jiggle on the runway… amazing! Her legs may be out of reach but her sense of adapting to the times is something we should all not ignore. Did you see the Forbes article? Naomi shot her own Esquire cover by herself, using her iPhone!!!!!!
If your video engagement is falling flat, try what’s working now: Comfort Marketing… Way less caloric than comfort food and far more lucrative. If you want to sell more stuff…. the secret sauce is having your audience feel that they know you so well…. They really like you Trust you. And in these wacky times, you’re both comforting and helpful to them… not a plastic stranger. You’ve probably heard that you gotta get on video, however… Most people get this part wrong. Watch the video to discover why.
If you feel that you are not being magnetic to the kind of clients, followers, and tribe you want, attraction marketing may really help you out. Through the years I’ve heard so small business owners and service providers getting nutty about attraction and making such a big deal over something that is actually pretty simple. Here’s why... Attraction marketing or attraction branding is a really basic premise: Birds of a feather flock together. If you want to be relevant and believable for the audience that you're trying to reach, then you have to walk the walk and look the part. Perception is everything... That doesn't mean that you need to be wearing crazy expensive clothes while driving in a Rolls Royce holding on to your diamond tiara, if that’s not your thing. Attraction marketing is about being attractive to those you want to help so you can get their attention to actually help them. What it means is just being authentic in who you really are while keeping it a tad aspirational to the audience you want to attract.

Attract Your Most Aligned + Most Profitable Audience By Being You!

The most successful brands are following the lead of
celebrities and influencers by creating an authentic
public image that helps them scale their audience by using
exactly what they have at hand- their phone!

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There really is something to be said about simplification and NOT taking a ride on the roller coaster of overwhelm! It is really TOO common for "video gurus" to over amp what you really need to grow your business... to prove THEIR worth. EXCEPT they are doing it all wrong... And it's why their followers are losing a lot of money.
I use a video scripting framework that helps hit content marks, be real, and succinctly get the message across without sounding weird or stiff. I think of it as a breakthrough framework for turning people who never even heard of you become your most devoted audience and best repeat customers… Simply because you turned your phone into your own broadcast studio and pressed record!
When you are truly your own boss and wearing many hats, there's one big branding mistake that many solopreneurs make. Good News: It's an easy fix. *true confession* Solopreneurs have all the enviable freedom, right? . Well, kinda WRONG! . That’s what I thought. . I launched my website back when my son was an infant so I could be a stay at home mom AND have my own business. . That was 20 years ago and it started out right. . YET, as my business grew, based on industry trends and my ego, I wanted something more. . So I got lost behind my brand and became an entity rather than a person. . FocusOnStyle.com rather than Sharon Haver. . Can you relate to that in your biz? . But then the BIG SHIFT happened. . Real people are where it’s at- that’s what cements the know like and trust factor. . Ironically, my former career was a photography stylist so I knew all the pro tricks to be the face of my brand, yet I was still camera shy. . Once I really brought out my PERSONALITY it all came together in my rebrand. . You see, as a personality brand rather than a personal brand or a business brand, there’s an EMOTIONAL connection. . That’s exactly what makes you magnetic 🧲to your most aligned 💰audience. . Bonus points: you’re just being you! . Imagine, not getting people who look at you like you’re a two-headed albatross because they don’t get you and aren’t your people? Cool, right. . All this starts by showing up authentically like celebrities and big gurus do. . Slice of life kinda stuff is the draw... like on reality TV. . Your photo is the lure. . Because 90% of what people first think about you is based on your photo. Being real. . I can help you with that. . 💎AuthenticSuperstar.com was created to help you authentically position yourself with photos like I did. . Because this is so critical to your business growth in today’s crowded market, I waived the $497 program price for a limited time. . Go to AuthenticSuperstar.com - it’s free! . You’ll get 72 hour access to each of the daily trainings. This is the foundation to success for modern business. . See you there!

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