Authentic Storytelling Is The Secret Sauce To Building A Business Brand That Stands Out


…and you do that via authenticity in video marketing and photos.

Have you been thinking about using video or branding photos as a vehicle for marketing and growing your business? NOW is the best time to leverage these incredible tools to attract your most aligned audience through the power of authentic storytelling.

Authentic messaging breaks down barriers between you and your audience. It creates a space for you to get your message across in a way that is relatable and believable. 

When I asked Gary Vaynerchuk about why some people avoid being real and resort to creating a faux image, he said, “It’s one big game of insecurity. People are not willing to be themselves.”⁠

In reality, being authentic in turn helps you to gain their trust and their attention.

Authenticity is magnetic and contagious. And this certainly helps your case when you want to be heard in a noisy, competitive market.

Authentic Storytelling is what you stand for and the result people experience from your product or service.

Your unique story, your values and insights is your super power. This sets you apart from everyone else. Use it to your advantage when building your brand story, especially in your video marketing.

Check out these 5 simple hacks to easily get started with broadcasting your unique brand story today.

01. Let’s focus on mindset for a moment

No matter what presentation style or scripting framework you choose for your video marketing, it’s key to make the viewer feel like you are speaking directly to them

Always keep your ideal customer or avatar in mind so that you come across as if speaking to a specific individual.

Not only will you be more personal and engaging to your “person” it will take away the stress of being on camera.

02. Use What You have and Get Started

Here is some great news for you — society through the years has shifted so that your phone is the new TV, both for viewing + broadcasting.

Now more than ever, you don’t need fancy equipment to make professional content. 

Most of the videos I do are either from my iPhone, my MacBook Pro built-in camera or a Logitech StreamCam webcam. These are simply hooked up to my desktop or perched on a tripod for a better angle. It really can be that simple!

TIP! Before you start recording, take a few still shots with your phone or webcam to check composition and use later as a video thumbnail.

If you need help setting up your still shots so that you can position yourself for success, do check out and

03. Are you attracting the wrong audience, just from sitting in the wrong position?

A smartphone works great to record, but also be aware of your set, setting, your outfit and how you position yourself to be magnetic to your audience.

Add your personality to your surroundings by creating a background of interesting and personal items.

Arrange books, objects, and photos on a shelf so they show the true you with some simple shelf “styling” or add artwork behind you arranged in a pleasing yet non-busy manner.

Do consider less obvious areas in your home with a different perspective that you can use.

You don’t always have to be in the same spot and can definitely find favorite filming areas depending on the available natural light and the vibe you are trying to convey.

Be creative!

04. The cover shot should act as a “Stop The Scroll” pattern interrupt…

…or be very magnetic to grab attention in the feed.

It is reported that dressing up in a polished, put-together professional manner can increase your income up to 5%.

For 15 years, I was a fashion stylist on photo shoots for magazine covers, editorials, catalogs, advertising. Pretty much exclusively anything in print that sells something… whether it be product or concept.

If you dress well in your personal style, every day, what you wear on video will be a pretty natural transition. Pay particular attention to how the upper part of your outfit appears through the eye of the camera. When in doubt, less is more as long as it’s the right cut.

Need some help with creating authentic on-brand photos that turn you into your best lead magnet?  Have a look at my Simply Amazing Headshots: How To Tell Your Story From The Collar Up program…(

05. “How do I authentically tell my story?” you ask.

Authentic storytelling happens when you provide value with an ideal customer in mind. So that the viewer receives benefit from each video you make and builds a lasting relationship with you and your brand.

Show your value, and your authentic self, as a way to prime viewers into becoming potential buyers, because you have continued to help them.

When you build the know, like, and trust factor you will become the obvious solution to their problem when they are ready to buy.

When you are thinking about what you actually want to say, create a rough outline of your main topic points.

If you need a prompt, you can write your key points on a Post-It near your camera lens so they are always in front of you.

I find this approach to be much more natural and less stressful than attempting to “act” natural and non-stagey on a teleprompter. Authentic Storytelling is all about allowing the viewer to be drawn in and connect with what you are saying.

Keep your energy level up – your energy on video or on a live should be 3-4 times higher than your in person normal.

You want to stay true to your personality…. not like a hepped up looney, but the camera does dilute your energy so it’s imperative to perk it up.

There are many different styles and strategies to scripting out what you would like to say and creating a framework for yourself, but this approach is the simplest to start with.

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