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FocusOnStyle Quick Tips videos with Sharon Haver are on the go shortcuts to elevate your business, life and style each day.

Having people let you down can really ruin your day… if you let it. [Quick Tips Video]

Having people let you down can really ruin your day… if you let it. It's true that actions speak a thousand words. During my years in business I’ve learned that having people let you down can really ruin your day. What I discovered is that some people cause a lot of stress and discombobulation in their life and business and don't realize how it affects not only themselves but the business of others. If you want to learn how to break the [...]


Productivity Tip: The importance of your morning ritual [Quick Tips Video]

Take the time in the morning to start your day off on the right foot… Living in New York City can sometimes gets chaotic. In the mornings, it can be hard to get quiet time with so much going on. Which is why when I’m out in Wyoming, I really have time to reflect and slow things down. If you are looking to get more accomplished during your days, the best place to start is DIRECTLY in the morning. As you wake [...]


Style Advice: What Size Should You Wear? [Quick Tips Video]

The trick to finding the best fitting clothes is simply honing in and using your best judgement. When you go shopping, measure with your eyes before looking at labels or heading to the fitting room. Don't box yourself in with clothing sizes. Every brand is different and every size varies. It's just a number on the label. [...]


Style Advice: How to fake a tan [Quick Tips Video]

Keep the summer look going longer! You don't have to risk sun damage to pull off an amazing tan look. Between skin cancer, fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots and more, tanning out in the sun is just not worth the time and potential health risks. Especially when it's so easy to create a glowing fake tan that looks amazing.  Watch as I explain my own techniques and showcase some of my favorite products to help get you started... Your skin will thank you [...]


How to dress comfortably when you work from home [Quick Tips Video]

ow to dress comfortably when you work from home

When you work from home you want to dress comfortably yet still be somewhat polished. It’s so easy to fall into the PJ’s all day trap but studies show that you will be more productive if you are wearing more professional apparel. The actual style should be aligned and on brand for what you do. I’m not saying wear a suit, and my work from home dress style is pretty casual, verging on a uniform, but chose pieces that you can [...]


Entrepreneur Advice: How to Manage Tasks When Things Seem Monumental [Quick Tips Video]

Entrepreneur Advice: How To Manage Tasks When Things Seem Monumental [Quick Tips Video]

We all have big, sometimes intimidating tasks in our schedule... It comes with the territory of being a business owner. But what you might not realize is that these tasks can be managed very easily without all the stress... The first thing you should before undertaking a monumental task is BREAK IT DOWN. I like to break it down into 30, 60 or 90 day chunks and create an outline from there. This way I know if I am on track and exactly [...]


Productivity Tip: How to keep calm when things get stressful [Quick Tips Video]

We all have stressful days. It’s just a fact of life… But business owners and entrepreneurs have it the worst. Being an entrepreneur or business owner, you are faced with a unique set of challenges and deadlines every single day. Which is why you need to be mindful and not let your circumstances get the best of you. The next time you are faced with overwhelm and stress, remember to take a deep breath, clear your head, and stay in the moment. Everything [...]


Entrepreneur Advice: Are you believable in your expertise? [Quick Tips Video]

Do you come across as a real expert? As a women entrepreneur, being a thought leader, or someone that people are actually willing to listen to, is critical for the success of your business. Your brand image has to be clear, consistent, and legitimate for you to be recognized as a professional in your expertise. Learn how to be believable in everything that you do and level up your credibility by focusing on your image to attract high-level clients for your business. Also, if [...]


Business Tip: Always uphold your brand image, even if it’s just for show [Quick Tips Video]

It is absolutely critical that you uphold your professional image even if it’s just for show. When your face and brand is being seen you must step into your star power and represent. The show must go on! Both sides have to look the part in order to have a comfortable, enjoyable, and professional experience. Stage interviews, Q&A panels, podcasts, radio interviews, and other live streams all have an audience that came see a show, so you must show up like you [...]


Hot Weather Makeup Tutorial [LIVE]

Wowza, wowza, my first hot weather makeup tutorial! It's HOT, let's talk about keeping your makeup in place. Learn how to use makeup in hot or humid weather. Watch this Live stream video to learn everything you want to know! Use makeup that compliments the extra shine and little perspiration on a hot day without melting! I have the best products and share with you how to apply them to keep your makeup on when it’s hot outside. Makeup setting is a key factor [...]


Entrepreneur Advice: Stop Freaking Out, Start Prioritizing [Quick Tips Video]

If you overwhelmed about your business, or you just don’t know what to focus on in order to run it successfully, you should listen to today’s quick tip. I get plenty of frantically asked questions about the main priorities in business. From what I have experienced, people are freaking out about the wrong things; They put emphasis on needs that should be focused on last. Are you freaking out about the wrong things? There are many aspects of a business to focus on, [...]


Elevate Your Visual Message: Look For On The Go Opportunities When Filming [Quick Tips Video]

So many fashion-savvy people believe that they must be prepared, and have to properly set up for a stylish photo or video. It does not have to be hard to fit this into your busy schedule everyday. In this fast-past world of fashion, opportunities appear everywhere even when you are on the go! Whether I’m filming, going to a business meeting, or just out and about, I seize any interesting opportunity that I find super convenient; like when my shirt [...]


Always make time for what counts [Quick Tips Video]

You are never too busy to succeed... Today's quick tip is all about taking that extra step to get to where you truly belong. There are no more excuses! When you have ambition, direction and purpose in life you MUST ALSO have the commitment it takes to reach your goals. It may seem like a lot of effort but if you are standing in your true purpose you will find that an extra push can go a long long way in your success. We [...]

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