Are you NOT attracting your dream clients? [Video]

Attracting Your Dream Client

As small business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches, we all want to work with our dream clients and build a successful business with great people.

But what happens when you get a P.I.T.A. (pain in the ass) customer, who is less than your dream client?

Hey, we are all not perfect and even make mistakes ourselves, but…

Treating people with the same RESPECT we would like to be treated is paramount to your own joy and success, but sometimes we get the PITAs.

The SCHNORRERS who want something for nothing and are never happy.

The liars and blame mongers…. ugh.

Luckily, I don鈥檛 attract many, but sometimes a few pop up.

Watch to see what to do to NOT attract them into your world in the first place…

I hope that I gave you a couple great tips on how to handle PITA’s if they should raise their ugly hand.

Who are YOUR dream clients?

Think about the kind of clients you would absolutely love to work with and then check that your message is a good fit for them.

P.S.- the free resource I mentioned was at

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