How To Look Confident In Eyeglasses- Try These Style Hacks [Video]

Eyeglass Hacks

Talking reading glasses and how to not look like a fuddy-duddy with these eyeglass hacks…

Upfront, wearing farty glasses is a personal pet peeve of mine.

Those skinny readers from the early 2000’s… drugstore cheesy frames that aren’t exactly right for your prescription so you squish your face up every time you to try to read.

STOP.  From a style standpoint dated glasses just ruin your look.

From a business standpoint, dated reading glasses make you look out of touch… 

Let me help you see with some eyeglass style hacks in this live video…

Please keep in mind, if you’re eyeglasses aren’t relevant it’s too easy to think that it’s a red flag that signals your relevance is just as dusty.

It’s an assumption people make.

Particularly, when as entrepreneurs and small business owners we are on video and in photos so our glasses are a statement making part of our brand.

First up, we have my gifted fun reader sunglasses and bifocals from Have A Look, a cool and inexpensive Danish frames that are are high on style!

Then you have my style hacks with my TomFord, SaintLaurent and Celine frames that involve Costco… yup you heard me right!

More eyeglass don’ts in this archive post.

For more great style tips have a look at

How often do you update your glasses? Asking for a friend.

P.S.- I filmed this live at the start of the pandemic and forgot to post it

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