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  • The hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you [Quick Tips Video]

    The hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you

    How do the colors you use in your business visually connect to you and your brand?

    Join me in this Quick Tips video as I explain the importance of having the right brand colors that are aligned to your business.

    I’m not going to get all spooky on you but there is a subliminal, hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you.

    The colors that you use to represent yourself in your business and online are part of the instant  visual message that that you send. Before you have time to say a word, people assume different things  about you from the first impression  that your brand silently speaks, and sometimes that can even be damaging to how you are perceived.

    Your brand colors need to be aligned with what you are attracted to along with colors that best represent your industry. For instance as a lifestyle coach, you wouldn’t want brand colors that are the typical corporate blues and greens. As an investment strategist, you wouldn’t want to select girly pastels.

    Recently, I was looking at a colleague’s website and was pretty shocked by the visual message that the colors on her site were sending. She’s a super smart, savvy business coach who specializes in finance and money.


    Her main site color is copper…. the color of a penny!

    Now, let’s think about the visual message that a money coach is sending when her site is the color of the lowest denomination of U.S. currency.

    Luckily, something like this can be easily correctable by simply popping up the color a few shades to be closer to the more vibrant and powerful burnt orange that she was after.

    When you are designing your logo or website, it’s best to get your brand colors right from out of the fate as they will stay with you for years to come and become a familiar beacon of recognition for your audience.

    For instance, through all the rebrands and design of FocusOnStyle since it was first online in 1999, the colors remain fairly consistent to compliment our “eye” logo and represent the modern, confident, and successful woman brand.

    Certainly, if your colors become too trendy or dated, or whenever it feels right for you, it is perfectly fine, if not recommended to update your colors to stay relevant.

    Not sure how to find brand colors that you are attracted to? Listen through the video to hear a nifty trick for identifying your best brand colors that most appeal to you.

    So, tell me how to dour brand colors live up to you?

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