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  • Reinvention Tips: What happens when the something you do is not the something you’re known for? [Quick Tips Video]

    Reinvention Tips: What happens when the something you do is not the something you’re known for?

    How to get it right!  Reinvent your personal brand to be more aligned with what you really do.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give any business owner is to keep their audience in the loop with their evolution – whatever it may be. I’ve been in business for 3 decades! And a lot has evolved about FocusOnStyle in that time. So I always make it a point to keep my audience updated on what is going on.

    It can be hard sometimes. FocusOnStyle began as a fashion magazine and is now a brand and image consulting firm.  A lot of people had trouble letting go of FocusOnStyle as being solely a fashion and style company.

    The truth is that some people just don’t change… they just have preconceived notions based on their own mindset and what they know from the past.

    Example: The Cousin Syndrome… This is the idea that people will get stuck on preconceived notions of your brand based on what they know from the past… Like how those  relatives you only see you at family gatherings who don’t really know what is going on in your life until your update them. They just know you from from 5 years ago when you last saw them.

    However, a lot of times re-inventing your brand has to do with your own communication what your represent. You have to make sure to convey your message properly and concisely to get the point across.

    There are other factors that play a role in this. Sometimes you simply outgrow your audience. Sometimes they grow with you, and sometimes there needs to be a longer adjustment period for the mindset shift to take place.  It’s different for every business so make sure you take a look at what you have been doing to convey your brand. Ask your audience with a poll or survey to get an even clearer idea of where you stand.

    Please take a peek at the hot-off-the-presses NEW pages that I created with you in mind:

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